Understanding the Occult Tarot Cards

There are 78 cards in a standard deck of Tarot Cards and they have been used since the beginning of the 15th century, originally to play cards, latterly to predict all manner of spiritual pathways and life crossroads by occults specialising in Tarot Reading. To this day it is believed that over half the population believe in Psychics and premonitions, according to a recent Reader’s Digest Poll. But what do we know of the 78 cards that could be pulled from the deck to reveal something about our life?

If I were to ask you to list as many of the cards in the Tarot as you know, how many would you manage to recall? The Lovers? The Magician? Death? The Devil? Any more? Hmmm, I can’t think. Well let’s start with those then.

The Lovers:  This card is associated with the star sign Gemini and often represents raw desire. It is a card that reminds us that we need others to become fully human and that everyone we meet, from lovers to friends, can teach us and strengthens us.

The Magician:  This card often symbolizes the divine motive of man and can refer to scholarly knowledge. It is also a card that represents a journey or adventure whether chosen or thrust upon. This card points to talent and capabilities.

Death:  Fortunately this card very rarely means literal death but more an ending of a relationship or interest which leads to self awareness.

The Devil:  This is a card that represents self bondage to an idea or belief. So, if you think going out and getting drunk each night is good for you, the devil card may be drawn on your next Live Tarot Reading. It represents something that is holding you back or preventing you from growing healthily.

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