Psychic Abilities in Animals

It is a well known fact that some animals can sense changes that are undetectable to humans. Often, people suffering from severe epilepsy will have a dog as they will start to warn their owners of an imminent seizure. In one study, out of 60 dogs, 15% were able to consistently detect imminent seizures.

A cat called Oscar made headlines recently in America by successfully predicting the deaths of residents in a nursing home. He would curl up with the patients during their final hours and a total of 50 deaths were accurately predicted using his Psychic Mediums ability.

Other animals that have been used for help over years are canaries which were taken down into mine shafts well into the 20th century to help detect any signs of toxic gas build up. Snakes are thought to be able to predict disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes due to sensing atmospheric changes or earth vibrations. For centuries cows have been thought to predict when the rain is coming and will lie down in the fields prior to the downpour and ground hogs in America are thought to be even better predictors of the weather. On the 2nd Feb each year when they leave their burrows, whatever the weather is doing is a sign of how long winter will stay.

Domestic animals such as dogs and cats are often thought to have a sixth sense or a Psychic ability and will pick up on any ghostly happenings in a home, often barking when they hit a certain point in the house or refusing to go into a particular room.

Reasons to Pursue a Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been involved in an accident then you’ll already have had to deal with any pain or injuries that happened as a result of it. You may have even suffered long term damage that will continue to impede you for years. In cases like this, it’s obvious that some sort of compensation is necessary and most injury claims will take into account any pain suffered by the victim, especially ongoing pain.

There are other things associated with an accident that you may not have thought of though. Although you are entitled to claim for any physical suffering that was caused, you can also factor in the cost of any adjustments that will have to be made to your home or transport if you have suffered a debilitating injury such as paralyzation or severe brain damage. These adjustments to your home can quickly become expensive and it’s important they are factored into your claim.

Even if you haven’t suffered any lasting injuries, you can still claim for any wages lost during the time that you were injured, or any additional costs that were accrued through not being able to drive or travel.

Taking everything into consideration can quickly become a complex and daunting task, which is why there are No Win No Fee Accident Specialists available who are trained in every aspect of these claims and back that up with a huge amount of experience. Add to that a £300 cash advance and a 98% success rate and you know you’re in good hands.

A Psychic Octopus and Champion Hunting Dog

Help from animals in predicting the future has been used for centuries and dates back to the practice of extispicy by ancient Roman, Greek and Babylonian civilisations. The practice involved using any anomalies found in animal entrails and things like unusually high levels of blood were thought of as warning signs of a worldly disaster.

It seems using animals to predict the future is as common and widely used today and mostly with animals that are alive. An octopus in Germany called Paul is thought to be a Psychic, successfully predicting every Germany result in the games that they played in the World Cup this year in South Africa. The two year old eight legged octopus was given a choice of two containers, both containers had food in for him, but also displayed the German Flag on one and their opponent’s flag on the other. Whichever container he chose would be the winning country in that match.  The length of time he chose to make his decision was also taken into account, the longer he took to choose, the closer the results of the game was. This Psychic Medium octopus correctly predicted every single Germany match in the tournament!

Other animals have been used for help over the years to successfully predict certain scenarios; in 1930 a champion hunting dog, Jim managed to follow instructions in shorthand and Morse code whilst also successfully predicting the winners of seven Kentucky Derbies along with the sex of unborn babies.

Pick the perfect Funeral

I know it’s a strange title and quite possibly a stranger blog post to write about but if the last time you thought about your funeral was ‘never ago’ and you think they still comprise mostly of traditional wooden coffins, white lilies and are black tie events then think again.

These days it is getting more and more common for people to arrange their own funeral, with many saying it can be one of the greatest gifts you can give your friends and family in a time when they are mourning and whilst you won’t be able to take a seat in the pews you’ll certainly leave this world exactly the way you want to.

Do you want Granite Headstones, wooden coffins and white lilies? Then of course you can choose those and traditional funerals are as popular as ever although there are also far more extravagant delights when it comes to coffins. From ‘green’ coffins made from banana leaf and water hyacinth to coffins designed and made to suit your interest like a miniature Orient Express or Rolls Royce.

People are choosing all manner of quirky things for their funeral which reflects their personality and this is just one of the benefits of arranging your own funeral. To the outside world beautifully simple Marble Headstones can be displayed in keeping with the graveyard but on the inside you can be buried in what seems to be anything you want along with particular items that you have held close to your heart.

It may seem a morbid thing to think about, but the only way you get to choose how you want your funeral to be is to arrange it yourself.

How to arrange your funeral

So, you have decided that it is about time you behave like a grown up and do grown up things. Making a will has been dealt with and whilst you know that you are still young, fit and able, there will be a point when you will die and you would like to pre-plan your funeral to alleviate extra stress from your friends and family in their time of mourning.

From arranging whether your Memorial Headstone will be granite or marble to where you will actually be buried, that’s if you don’t choose cremation, will help friends and family immensely once you have passed away.  But how do you arrange your own funeral? The first thing you should do is to sit down with friends and family. This doesn’t have to be a big deal but it is worth discussing with them the sensitive issues of what you would like and also to take into account what they may like. From where you would like to be buried (or cremated) to what you would like everyone to wear on the day (believe it or not, not everyone likes their mourners in black) it helps to discuss these matters as well as actually arranging them so it doesn’t come as a shock to them.

When you are ready, it is time to book a consultation with a funeral home that offers pre arranged funeral packages. They will often offer a free consultation where they will go through everything from how to buy memorial headstone to all the important information they’ll need to see like birth documents, wills etc.

Are you a Psychic?

You may have experienced an overwhelming amount of coincidences over the years that you put down to just that, coincidence. You may have been told time and again ‘You’ve read my mind’ or ‘how on earth did you know that?’ and you just shrug your shoulders and put it down to chance. If this sound like you then you may want to consider that you could actually be a psychic.

Being Psychic doesn’t just happen to a select few; many other thousands of people have the natural abilities a Psychic needs but most are just unaware that they are Psychic. Others may be aware they have powers over and above what others do but are unsure how to harness these for the greater good.

There are so many indicators that can give you an idea whether you could be amongst the Psychic Mediums of this world. Knowing the phone is going to ring before it does, experiencing déjà vu more than most and having premonitions are all fairly good signs that you hold the abilities. Couple this with a natural mature judgement and a general interest in people and you could, with some training and guidance, become a professional psychic and help people on a day to day basis.

Of course, this role brings with it a great responsibility and will not just be a nine to five profession. Honing your skills will increase your susceptibility of insights, premonitions and your sixth sense and not all of these feelings are good, you may experience some bad images and thoughts and see things happen to people in the future that are not positive but over time you will become more at ease with these powers and good training could help you to help others.

Guide to Full-Time Learning at Northampton College

It’s just a matter of months before thousands will be enrolling in one of the many full time courses in Northampton College.  Here they provide a great video that shows you what you can expect from your college experience. The video is also useful for those who are taking their GCSEs and are deciding on their future in further education.