More News on the Psychic Octopus

A while ago we blogged about Paul, the octopus from Germany who successfully predicted the results of each and every football game Germany played in the World Cup, South Africa. Due to his amazing talents he was tipped as a Psychic and was making headlines across the world.

To successfully predict each game, Paul the Psychic was given two containers. Both of which had food in, one displayed the German flag, and the other displayed the opposing countries flag. It turned out that whichever container Paul would choose, would be the team that went onto win the game. It also appeared that the longer Paul took to make his decision; a correlation was made to the closeness of the game. A quick decision meant an easy win for the succeeding team; a long decision meant a close match was had.

The octopus Psychic Medium has generated much attention and it appears that even the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin has called on Paul’s services to predict who will win Russians 2012 Presidential Election. He has gone as far as to say ‘If Paul the Octopus can name the next president of Russia we’ll give him a pension and make sure he doesn’t get eaten,” Putin said.

Just how Paul the Psychic Octopus got to be discovered for his abilities is not known, all that matters now is that because of his talent and his worldwide acclaim, he may lead a long and prosperous life without ending up on a dinner plate. All he needs to do is successfully predict who will be the next Russian president!

Psychic Children

It seems to be a well known fact that children have much more of a tuned Psychic ability than adults. Over the years there have been many documents coming to light where children have come out of surgery or had a near death experience and they have drawn angels and discussed conversations they had on ‘the other side’. Many will put this down to dreaming but it becomes hard to find reason when a child sees or talks to spirits in their own home.

One of the most plausible reasons children, even as young as two, can see or hear dead people where adults can’t is that they live with no filters. They live in the moment and have no preconceived notions of how things should be. If they see or hear something, why would they question it?

As we grow up we become more aware of physical objects and tend to question anything that may be considered spiritual. If we were to retrain ourselves to be more like children with their free spirited mind we would open ourselves up to what they see in their world. The benefit for us, as adults, to be able to do this is that we could then actually learn to do Psychic Readings.

Having the ability to do Psychic Readings can help you and others immensely. You may however find yourself struggling to open your senses, if you do, you are not alone, but if you have any children with these abilities then it could be an idea to train them correctly so they learn how to use their ability as best they can.

Walking on Gravestones

An unusual situation has arrived for students, staff and visitors alike at Blackburn College. Whilst vital building works are being carried out for the construction of a new Beacon Centre at the college every single person who wants to enter and leave the college is forced to walk on Memorial Headstones.

Hundreds of people from the college are walking across half a dozen memorials, which date back to the 1700’s, everyday and as you would expect the feelings about this are mixed. Whilst some people cannot see what the problem may be, as long as people show the respect the memorials deserve, others can’t believe the college have not have offered or made another available pathway, albeit temporary, to the college.

Being diverted through the graveyard is one thing people say, but to then be expected to walk over UK Headstones is quite another. Some have even gone so far as to say it is like ‘desecrating the dead’. Others have said that they ‘find it so distressing to see the gravestones being used in this way.’

Traditional cemeteries see gravestones upright at the head of the grave and if this were the case with these then there would be no one walking on the gravestones. As it is, these gravestones already make up a path in the graveyard and spokes people for the church and college have stressed that this is a temporary measure and there are other routes that are alternative if people have a strong issue with this.

Psychic Chicken to become a TV Star!

When it comes to extraordinary animals you may have heard of Paul the Octopus and his Psychic Readings. Paul was amazingly able to predict the winners of all seven matches of the German Football team during their world cup adventure.

Now it has emerged that a Chicken from county Kildare in Ireland has shown the same use of precognition as his eight legged predecessor.  Rocky the Irish psychic chicken successfully predicted the winners of the entire all-Ireland championships and even the senior football semi final cup winner.

Rocky’s owner answered an Irish radio stations competition to find an animal with paranormal skills and since then he hasn’t been out of the limelight.

The Chicken owned by Elaine and Paul McDonald chooses his results by picking one of three seed filled saucers labelled win, lose and draw. As he has chosen against his local side of Kildare to lose their games Rocky is thought to be unbiased in his predictions.  Elaine was quoted as saying ‘I have never wanted him to be wrong before but it has upset some of the locals with his latest prediction!”.

Elaine and Paul have said they knew there was always something very exceptional about Rocky and from an early age he would often sit on their shoulders when they were on their computer and try to press the keys. It is said that Rocky unlike most other chickens is very well mannered and has become a household pet to the owner’s children Ella and Hanna.

Rocky has become such a celebrity in Ireland that he has been offered his first television part on an Irish children’s programme. The TV show called Elevate will feature Rocky each week and is set to make the psychic chicken a household name. He has been compared to Jedward as he is currently sporting a spiky fringe and a lot of attitude

Children’s television isn’t going to be the end of the road for Rocky as he has also been in talks with the Irish Television station RTE to make an appearance at the All Ireland finals. It is thought that Rocky will be sticking to his predictions and not branching out into Tarot Readings just yet!

Stop The Vandals

It’s a very sad fact that vandals are a part of our everyday life. We see vandalism on streets, in parks, to buildings, on cars and often worse. It is something that we have become accustomed too. Broken windows, graffitied walls, smashed bollards and trampled flower beds are increasingly becoming the norm as we stroll through our towns.

Whilst vandalism is a lowly activity, often performed by people through boredom or peer pressure there are some vandals that seemingly have no bounds at all and one of the most devastating actions of vandalisms can be on Headstones.  Desecrating cemeteries is an utterly disturbing event for any family who has a loved one buried there. To find upon arrival, flowers strewn across the path, the Gravestones covered in graffiti or even kicked over brings enormous upset and stress to the family.

Whilst this behaviour is not new, it does seem to be on the increase nationwide, which is why many cemeteries are now turning to what they can only describe as a bid to stop anti-social problems. By installing CCTV cameras, councils are hoping that they will deter these vandals who are largely thought to be teenagers. If these cameras don’t act as a deterrent then hopefully they will identify the faces of the vandals in the act and the police can make investigations to find these people.

Installing CCTV cameras is an expense to councils and is a sad sign of our times but in any case, this aim is to decrease, if not abolish vandalism in cemeteries, and for that reason I think we should all be agreed it is a good move.