Walking on Gravestones

An unusual situation has arrived for students, staff and visitors alike at Blackburn College. Whilst vital handyman services, fire safety checks & building works with heavy duty equipment are being carried out for the construction of a new Beacon Centre at the college every single person who wants to enter and leave the college is forced to walk on Memorial Headstones.

Hundreds of people from the college are walking across half a dozen memorials, which date back to the 1700’s, everyday and as you would expect the feelings about this are mixed. Whilst some people cannot see what the problem may be, as long as people show the respect the memorials deserve, others can’t believe the college have not locked the area and made another available pathway, albeit temporary, to the college.

Being diverted through the graveyard is one thing people say, but to then be expected to walk over UK Headstones is quite another. Some have even gone so far as to say it is like ‘desecrating the dead’. Others have said that they ‘find it so distressing to see the gravestones being used in this way.’

Traditional cemeteries see gravestones upright at the head of the grave and if this were the case with these then there would be no one walking on the gravestones. As it is, these gravestones already make up a path in the graveyard and spokes people for the church and college have stressed that this is a temporary measure and there are other routes that are alternative if people have a strong issue with this.

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