How the Media Represents Psychics

Films, television and books have been giving characters psychic powers for over a century now, and the trend seems to show no sign of diminishing. From fortune tellers at fairs giving out warnings to characters, to characters shown as possessing incredible telekinetic power, capable of lifting large, heavy objects over great distances, psychics have been showing up in our media again and again, and occupying many different roles.

But how accurate is this representation of psychics? Obviously, we aren’t treated to regular displays of incredible telekinetic strength in our day to day lives as cars are thrown around, walls torn apart and people levitate themselves through the sky, but what about other aspects? What about the ability to see the future, for instance?

Foresight is certainly a powerful ability, and one that is represented in a variety of ways. Sometimes a character gets crystal clear visions of the future; other, more realistic visions occur in strange, cryptic or jumbled messages that the person has to decipher themselves. This latter approach is very similar to the skills that psychics use to interpret dreams or a tarot reading.

Telepathy is another skill that is shown in strange ways, often interpreted as a voice or images. In reality, telepathic communication is an exchange of concepts and thoughts that can’t be accurately transferred to a written or visual medium, so they’re just working with what they’ve got.

So, the representation of powers is off in many situations, but what about the people themselves? The most realistic appearances are of fortune tellers at fairs, rather than super-powered heroes or villains, but even these can be too reliant on cliché and stereotypes, and a professional psychic is much more likely to make you feel comfortable in your surroundings before giving you a reading.

The Advantages of Phoning a Psychic

As the title of this blog post indicates, I’d like to explore the advantages of using a telephone psychic, or really getting a reading over any sort of communication that doesn’t require you to be face to face.

The most obvious advantage is that not everybody is lucky enough to have a psychic close by so that they can arrange psychic readings whenever they want them. It can be a real hassle for some people to get to what they might consider their local psychic, so calling a psychic on their telephone, or just corresponding through email, can be a great alternative for them.

Instant, immediate access to a psychic can also be helpful. There’s no need to book appointments and find that the earliest you can see your psychic is two weeks from now when you can call up at any time. Most services will always have some psychics who aren’t talking to anybody all the time, and if you want to speak to a particular psychic that is already engaged then there are services that allow you to be alerted when a psychic becomes free.

The instant access means that as soon as you have anything you need advice on you can get in touch with somebody and receive a reading. The smallest decisions can now be made with the help of a psychic, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting one of your questions before your next session.

The only drawback to this method of getting in touch with a reader is that you lack the personal, face to face contact of meeting a psychic in person, but the advantages make the trade off well worth it.

The Telepathic Ability of Animals

Being a psychic isn’t the exclusive purview of humans. There are many instances where animals have demonstrated a remarkable amount of psychic ability. Who could forget Paul the Octopus during the 2010 world cup, who managed to maintain a 100% accuracy streak throughout the tournament before dying shortly afterwards? What about the numerous people (of which you may be one) who “just know” when something is wrong with their pets, or know almost instinctively when they want to be let out or fed?

All this is possible because, just like humans, some animals can develop a psychic ability. We can’t know for sure how many animals are gifted with clairvoyant powers like Paul’s as we have no way to accurately communicate with many of these creatures, but we can sense the telepathy that many animals are able to emanate as if it was coming from a human with the same powers. This is because thoughts, feelings and emotions are a universal language. It is not language that we communicate to each other through telepathy but concepts.

Of course, a pet is never going to be able to give you a tarot reading and is more likely to consider a crystal ball a fun toy, but if you are one of the lucky owners who does have a pet with a supernatural gift, especially one like telepathy, you may find yourself much happier in your relationship with them.

The psychic ability of animals is something that some humans can become tuned to as well. Whereas telepathy is a one-way street with most pets, a psychic with the necessary skills can send messages back, allowing us to communicate properly with animals.

Curious About Your Pregnancy? Consult a Psychic!

There are a lot of reasons to visit a psychic whilst you’re pregnant. In this blog post we’ll discuss a few of them so that you or your partner can consider whether visiting a psychic might be the next appropriate step in your pregnancy.

Of course, it’s still important to make the appropriate trips to the Doctor’s or hospital during your pregnancy, rather than relying entirely on a psychic reading to guide you through this period.

However, there are still plenty of things that you can visit a psychic for, and you won’t have to organise any trips to the hospital or put up with any unpleasant scans to do so. You simply need to turn up, tell the psychic what it is you want to know and either wait or engage in the ceremony whilst they come up with an answer for you.

Many people go to psychics to find out what the sex of their child is if there was an issue determining it during their scheduled scans. The alternative is spending hundreds of pounds for another scan to be taken which the NHS won’t cover, so many people see this as an excellent alternative.

Another common request is reassurance that the baby is healthy and developing properly. Any major concerns should be taken to a doctor, but reassurance in the absence of any negative symptoms is also welcome.

Finally, the psychic may be able to help you choose a name, telling you what the baby itself would like to be called.