Tips on Contacting Your Spirit Guides

Contacting a spirit guide for the first time can be tricky when you don’t know how. Even some Mediums have trouble performing this act as it requires total concentration to achieve. The following are a set of basics to aid you in making contact beyond the veil.

First and most importantly you need a completely distraction free environment, so find a quiet place where you’re unlikely to be distracted. Once settled make sure you’re comfortable and relax, take deep breaths and feel the tension flowing from your body.

The next stage follows a little while after entering this state of deep relaxation or meditation, you need to summon your protective aura. Imagine yourself surrounded by a protective bubble of positive energy, some find it easier to manifest this positive energy by thinking of it as a blinding white light, once this is in place you’ll repel any negative energy around you while you’re meditating.

After this is done it’s time to prepare to seek out your spirit guide. For this you need to concentrate your awareness into the area in the middle of your forehead as a psychic focus, this area is known as your third eye. This space is the area in which you may receive images from your guide.

Finally you just need to make the connection to your guide; you just need to ask your guide to make themselves known to you so that you can meet. This may take some time as any distractions will mean you’re not focused enough to contact the manifestation of your guide.

If your guide does manifest then you should either be able to see them or, if not, at least feel their presence in the room, this is when you can start to ask questions and converse with them.

A good test of if you’re speaking to your guide or not is to just ask it a question, if the answer it returns seems wise and caring then chances are it’s from your guide, if the message received doesn’t seem very inspiring chances are its just one of your own stray thoughts.

Again, don’t feel disappointed if you can’t contact your spirit guide, chances are your psychic abilities might not be strong enough and a Psychic Medium may be needed to make contact for you.

Graduation numbers on the Increase worldwide

Back in the old days a nation might have had its power measured by the amount of oil or coal that it was producing and exporting around the world, these days this may as well be measured by the pure amount of graduate students a country releases each year.

In recent years the amount of people taking up college and university places has increased at a growing rate around the world.  It is estimated that the top 34 developed countries in the world have seen their rates of graduation almost double since 1990.

One of the countries that have seen the largest upward spiral has been China; back in the late 90’s only about one million students had taken up residence in university or college.  China has now grown within just one decade and is now the largest university provider in the world with recent reports showing 34.4 million graduates released and seeking gainful employment in the past four years alone.

This expansion and growth in recent years within the education industry has been called the fastest expansion in human history by the president of Yale University.

Something that is also linked to the growth of graduates is university globalisation, this refers to universities who not only openly recruit students from other countries but also offer anything from partnerships to the teaching of foreign languages both in their buildings and online.

An example of this could be Chinese students taking degrees in other countries such as Finland that are taught in English. One such country that is making the most of this and pushing for overseas applications is Qatar; it has a purpose build education city that hosts seven different universities all accepting overseas students with plans to expand further.

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Performing Better Tarot Readings

Starting out as a new psychic performing Tarot Readings can be overwhelming. This article aims to help those who are having trouble with question readings in particular by giving some simple advice to follow.

To start with is the importance of staying neutral. It’s a hard balance to find but it’s important to keep yourself open to others opinions and for your questions not to carry any preconceived notions. The cards are there to give you guidance and having strong views on a subject will make the reading harder as it’ll be coloured by your own views.

Find the right level of focus for your questions, the question should be to the point but not overly so. For example, rather than asking ‘how can I balance my life so that I can fit in friends, the gym, work and free time’ ask ‘is there a better way to balance my time’.

Keep an open mind, if you’re sure you have an answer to the question you’re asking before you do the reading then chances are you won’t be letting the cards guide your decisions, and will instead have already made up your own mind.

Calm your thought’s, strong or emotive topics for yourself are the hardest questions to perform readings on. If needed, you can meditate before a particularly difficult reading to empty your mind of stray thoughts.

Next is the importance of staying positive. You need to ask questions in a positive light. So rather than asking why an event hasn’t happened yet it’s better to ask what you can do to trigger the event.

Finally, if the reading is a personal one, make sure the question you’re asking focuses on yourself rather than on the root cause of the problem you want a solution to. Rather than ‘why is work stressful’ it’s better to ask‘why am I finding work stressful’.

Tarot Readings are complicated to perform even for the most highly trained psychic but I hope these little bits of knowledge can help out those starting on this noble path.

Connecting to Tarot

Tarot readings are somewhat of a cornerstone in the psychic world, and many people come to this calling and their packs in different ways; this is my story.

I’d never had much of an interest in tarot itself and actually got into it because of the artwork on a box I saw in a shop. There was a beautiful image (which I later learned was the Princess of Swords) on the back of the box. As someone who has drawn most of my life, I simply had to have that deck, not necessarily to read with but to just do a study of the beautiful Princess of Swords image. I had no idea as I was buying that deck it would lead me down the path it has.

I found, much to my amazement, that I had a “psychic” connection with this deck, with very little study I had a real ‘feel’ for the cards and could read with this deck and read well. For the next 10 or so years, tarot and tarot reading would eclipse drawing as the major focus of my creative energy.

As time went on I came to see the Princess of Swords as a portrait of the Sumerian goddess Innana, and a vision of my own Guide; a fierce and uncompromising goddess of truth.

I have said more than once, a tarot reading is an opportunity to participate in a small miracle; it really is, there is no way, in the dominant Paradigm that it should work, but my experience of over 500 readings tells me it most definitely does … and that is simply a small miracle. Those small Miracles have changed me and my life.

Marble versus Granite for Memorials

When looking into memorial headstones for yourself or somebody close to you that has recently passed away you’ll find yourself having to deliberate between a variety of different options, but the material used for the headstone is easily the most important choice you will have to make.

The two most popular choices for modern memorials are granite headstones and marble headstones. Each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately which one you choose will come down to what is most suitable for the deceased’s wishes and the location that the memorial is to be placed.

Memorials made of granite will last much longer and keep their detail for a greater period of time than a marble equivalent. Details such as lettering will remain visible far into the future meaning that the memorial can be seen by generation after generation and serve as a long-lasting memory of the deceased. Granite is also available in a variety of colours and can have either a polished or matte finish to customise it even further. Unfortunately, the exact qualities that lend granite to being so durable also make it harder to shape, meaning the intricate designs that are possible with marble are much harder with granite.

Marble gives you the ability to create a truly stunning memorial should you want to. It is a softer stone and can be much more easily shaped. Inscriptions and lettering are easier, making individual flourishes possible, and lead-lettering (able to last a lot longer than an engraving) will fit to marble far more easily than it will granite. These come at the cost of increased ageing though. Marble will weather more quickly and the porous stone will stain much more readily than a granite equivalent.