Marble versus Granite for Memorials

When looking into memorial headstones for yourself or somebody close to you that has recently passed away you’ll find yourself having to deliberate between a variety of different options, but the material used for the headstone is easily the most important choice you will have to make.

The two most popular choices for modern memorials are granite headstones and marble headstones. Each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately which one you choose will come down to what is most suitable for the deceased’s wishes and the location that the memorial is to be placed.

Memorials made of granite will last much longer and keep their detail for a greater period of time than a marble equivalent. Details such as lettering will remain visible far into the future meaning that the memorial can be seen by generation after generation and serve as a long-lasting memory of the deceased. Granite is also available in a variety of colours and can have either a polished or matte finish to customise it even further. Unfortunately, the exact qualities that lend granite to being so durable also make it harder to shape, meaning the intricate designs that are possible with marble are much harder with granite.

Marble gives you the ability to create a truly stunning memorial should you want to. It is a softer stone and can be much more easily shaped. Inscriptions and lettering are easier, making individual flourishes possible, and lead-lettering (able to last a lot longer than an engraving) will fit to marble far more easily than it will granite. These come at the cost of increased ageing though. Marble will weather more quickly and the porous stone will stain much more readily than a granite equivalent.

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