Useful Tips for Studying for Exams

With the exam season approaching fast this year, we have all experienced times when studying for our exams has not been easy or straightforward.

There are some fundamental things to try to incorporate to improve the studying technique for exams. Here are some key points, make sure you organise and prioritise your study & revision time, and implement better time management as it is one of the major factors in the process of studying. Here is a useful video with some helpful points to consider and remember when studying for exams.

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College’s offering better value than Universities?

Nothampton College

With University fee’s rising under the coalition Government’s new pricing policy, the gap between colleges and universities is being stretched. We are being constantly being reminded by how much things cost and especially education costs are being driven up by the current climate, hopefully there are financially cost effective ways to an education of choice, without a dramatic long term financial burden.

Colleges currently are offering a good selection for higher education courses at HND level and some colleges can even offer franchised courses with local universities to offer specialist “Under Graduate” & “Post Graduate” Degree level courses, for those students wanting a different direction into a degree with a level of expense to suit their financial situation.

This is also reflected by the fact that many of these colleges offer these higher education course options for both full-time and part-time students. Meaning that if you prefer to work alongside your studying programme, this can often be a good option to reduce your financial debts whilst being a student, as well as gaining continued work experience along side your studies.

Many Colleges in Northampton are offering courses which span a wide range of subject categories, so Further Education in Northampton is looking very positive for students of all ages and backgrounds, which are looking for a valued qualification to a better career future, without it costing a fortune during the process of gaining their qualifications.

So remember the words of William Bennett – “All real education is the architecture of the soul…”