Choosing an Inscription for your Headstone

Making a decision on what to display on your marble gravestone can be a very difficult and lengthy process. You might go through loads of different ideas before finding one that you like, and could end up scrapping that a few days later. It’s important to think about it though, as if your nearest and dearest know what you would like on a headstone, it’s much easier for them to get on with the process and reduces the emotional stress and pain that they’ll be going through.

As for what to actually put on your gravestone, you have the entire wealth of all languages ever to choose from, which can be a little overwhelming. If you would like to go for a traditional choice, biblical quotes are always popular, as are fond remembrances of the family role you filled (“Beloved Husband, Cherished Father, Dutiful Son” for instance).

Or you could decide to go down a different route, perhaps with a humorous or witty epitaph to bring a smile to people who see your grave? There are plenty of funny little poems or messages on gravestones all over the world. One classic that has cropped up in a number of places is “I told you I was sick/ill”.

Another of my favourites is:

“Reader -if cash thou art in want of any,
Dig four feet deep and find a Penny.”
Epitaph of John Penny, Wimborne, England.

Of course, once you have decided on a gravestone epitaph, you’ll want to ensure that it’s maintained for future generations, so a proper system of memorial care is important.

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