Granite – The Noble Stone

I feel that the first thing which should be addressed in this blog post is that I am not referring to granite as noble in the scientific sense. Granite is, of course, durable, but it does not approach a level of low-reactivity that would qualify it for the term. As a metaphor for its longevity, however, it is useful. The main definition of granite as noble here is to describe the dignity and solemnity that a granite memorial or granite headstones bring to a cemetery.

Although granite is now available in a variety of colours, colours which can be emphasised through careful smoothing and polishing, they still tend to have a darker tone than other stone used for memorials. The typically dark colours of granite are still prevalent in cemeteries through theUKas well, lending them the more respectful, dignified looks that colourful patchworks of gravestones lack.

The ability of granite to stay true to its original carving so much longer than, say, marble also contributes to its appeal. Where as softer stones will wear away over time, losing their detail and colour, granite will remain in its intended form much longer. It will begin to degrade eventually, of course, but not before it has seen out other gravestones created at the same time. This means that the solemn, unflinching dignity of a granite memorial goes on and on and on.

You should also recognise that even when wear and tear does take place, granite memorials remain excellent gravestones. Though the details of carvings and even names may disappear from their surface, they are indisputably recognised as the marker of a grave.

Picture courtesy of Flickr user he-ryan.

Three Great Reasons for a Spa Break

Many people think of spa treatments as a luxury they can’t afford but this just isn’t true. There are many great value spa break experiences available for a range of budgets and it really is something that you should think about. This blog post takes a look at the top three reasons why a spa break really is an essential lifestyle choice; so jump on board and learn a little about being one of the spa seekers.

  1. A Little Escapism.

Top of our list is the escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A trip to a spa is a fantastic way to relax and escape stress. There’s someone there to take care of you, you are cut of from the phone, work and the kids; it’s a really all round break. This sense of relaxation is often something that you can carry back into the world after your break, the lingering feeling or relaxation really is fantastic.

  1. Treating aches and pains

The range of highly trained therapists in most day spas is extensive. Everything from beauty therapists for skin care advice to massage therapists to sort out your aches and relax your muscles. Many spas will also have medically trained staff too, so you can get the benefit of good medical advice while receiving treatment.

  1. Nourishing body and mind

Day spas are well know for their physical treatments for your muscles, skin and body in general; the range of treatments help to detoxify, relax, rejuvenate and re-energize you body. What’s often not taken into account is the mental relaxation, between the calmness of the experience, the aromatherapy and the gentle music you get a real sense of well being.

Mobility Options Explained

People may require mobility help at any time of their life, in recent years much of the stigma attached to purchasing and installing these types of products has disappeared making it in turn an easier process to adapt to them.

Recliner chairs are a great option that allow someone with mobility problems to relax properly whilst sitting, normal chairs do not move which means that they can often cause more pain then prevent. Not only can Reclining chairs help you feel more comfortable they can also help you to get upright again meaning they help with safety and your piece of mind.

For many comfort in bed is paramount and many companies offer adjustable beds that offer just that. Being able to raise yourself up into a sitting position to read, eat or watch the television can help immensely by providing you with the comfort that you deserve. The end of the reclining bed can be raised to allow your feel to be elevated, allowing circulation to be increased

Bathing Aids are also a quintessential means of giving you independence. Items such as bathing cushions can really help you to become comfortable whilst bathing and also help with positioning yourself in the safest way. Bathing cushions are battery powered and require no installation and fold away for easy storage making them perfect for those seeking the least amount of hassle possible.

Many people with mobility issues also opt for scooters to help with their transport needs. Not only are these types of motorised vehicle are very easy to use but also extremely lightweight, meaning they can be stored or transferred with ease.

Picture courtesy of Flickr user fromcolettewithlove.

How do you know if you need to cleanse your aura?

It’s a question that people new to the psychic world often find themselves asking. The workings of an aura are often communicated early on but the day to day maintenance that can help your spiritual well being is often overlooked.


Do you really need to cleanse your aura?

Cleansing of your aura is a great way of protecting yourself from negative energies in day to day life. It’s a step that most people should consider especially if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • You work in a toxic environment. A toxic environment is usually a job that has a lot of close contact with other people who harbour negative energies. So that’s, teachers, law enforcers, judges and lawyers, prison guards and hospital workers; they all fall into the most at risk category.
  • You’re suffering from an illness. Be it an illness of spirit or body it’s important to remember that at times like this your natural protection is reduced so it’s important to cleanse your aura regularly to help bolster your defenses.
  • General stressful environments. Stressful situations cause a build up of negative energies. So whenever you go through a stressful period in your life a quick cleansing can help restore calm and balance.

Cleansing is easy to do and consulting a friendly psychic medium can help you learn the needed techniques. If you’re ever in doubt of whether you need to cleanse or not though it’s worth getting a tarot reading, to give you an overview of your current psychic state.

Getting the best out of a Psychic Phone Reading

Deciding to contact one of the many phone psychics around can be a difficult choice. Many people find themselves struggling with doubts about how good the reading will be over the phone and whether there’s anything that can be done to make sure the readings are good.

This blog post takes a look at a few points that can really help make sure you get the best reading possible, after all psychic readings help millions of people every year and can be an important part in your spiritual life.

  1. Psychic reading abilities are different from clairvoyance.

Where as a clairvoyant can predict the future; the psychic abilities used for performing readings work through sensing and interacting with auras. This means that most psychics will only be able to connect with your present and offer guidance. If you’re looking for guidance for the future you want to make sure that your phone Psychic lists clairvoyance as one of their abilities.

  1. Keep an open mind.

Whenever you enter into a psychic reading one of the most important aspects that you have control over, is keeping an open mind. If you don’t believe the reading will work then your aura will change to reflect this. If you do keep an open mind then you can get the best possible reading.

  1. Open your energy field and be receptive.

This opening is important to form a strong connection with the psychic performing the reading. If you are suspicious, guarded or stressed then sometimes this connection will naturally be closed. You can get around this by making sure you’re in a comfortable, calm, homely place when having the reading; after all it is one of the biggest advantages of a phone reading.