Top Three Weird Spa Treatments

For spa seekers there’s nothing better than booking up into a luxury retreat; to feel the natural soothe of heated stones, the sweet aroma scented candles and relaxing music courtesy of a pod of whales. While it might be relaxing for some people, others think that kind of therapy just isn’t enough. All over the world, people are coming up with weird and wonderful methods to help say goodbye to stress; here’s some of my favourites.

One of the latest therapy crazes is the carp pedicure. Apparently originally practiced in Turkey, people submerge their feet into a tank full of miniature carp to nibble away the dead skin deposits that have built up on your soles. As your feet become smoother, it’s believed to have the same effect on your mind and eventual outlook on life. The treatment is also now widely available to those on a spa break in the UK.

Another is the cactus massage, a favourite from therapists inMexico. This seems like an absolutely crazy idea but it’s completely pain free. The needles are removed from the leaves which are then heated in warm water, when warm they are split in half and pressed onto the patient’s skin. Cacti have soothing properties and are a close relative to the Aloe Vera plant. The juice squeezed from the leaves soaks into the skin, hydrating, detoxifying and helping to heal your skin from sunburn. Despite the positive reviews, I doubt it’s a method many will be trying at home.

Finally we have the 24-carat gold facial. Similarly seen as an act of evil by ‘Oddjob’ in the James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’, the people of Santa Fe can pay up to $475 for someone to cover their face with a paste containing bits of gold. Other than making you look like a BAFTA, the treatment is reported to lift, tighten and lighten the colour of your skin. It’s also rumoured to decrease the effects of collagen depletion, which can lead to sagginess and age spots.


The Perfect Way to Watch TV

Watching television, whether on your own or with family or friends, is a great way to pass the time. You can sit down and watch a nature documentary, learning all about the world’s animals. You can sit down with your partner and take in a film of whatever genre you fancy. You can watch sports with your friends, or find out what the latest Disney films are about when your grandchildren come to visit. But what happens when you want to get up again? Is it a struggle? Do you think it might be time to consider recliner chairs?

With this simple addition to your furniture, you’ll no longer have to worry about what happens when the movie’s over. Rise and recliner chairs can help lift you to your feet, offering the support you need to maintain your independence. The motion is smooth and entirely under your control, so you can easily achieve a standing position knowing that you’re safe in your own hands.

This isn’t the only benefit though. The manoeuvrability of a recliner chair will let you sit in a much more comfortable position too. Your legs, hips and spine will all benefit from the improved support and posture that these chairs offer you. If you suffer from stiff, sore joints after sitting then recliner chairs may be able to help you. By supporting key areas and allowing you to move into new, comfortable positions, you should find that your legs, ankles, back and hips remain flexible and pain free.