Getting Lettering on Granite Memorials

Granite is a great material for a memorial. It’s durable, so you can be sure that the memorial will be around for a long time; comes in plenty of different colours, so you can get a memorial which you feel is right and can be carved into intricate works, even if it is harder to do so than with marble. However, a granite memorial does have one element which has caused concern for some people: lettering.

Traditionally, the lettering on gravestones was chiselled in. This is still done on plenty of gravestones, but there are ways to enhance it. This presents a problem with erosion if the gravestone isn’t properly looked after; weather damage can, over time, make the lettering unrecognisable. The previously sharp letters soften as their edges are worn away and you end up with the “melted” look that can be seen in old headstones.

The best way around this is to have leaded letters planted in the stone, which is where granite’s strength and durability is a problem as it makes getting the lettering in much harder, though not impossible. However, this technique is mostly used in marble due to the ease with which marble erodes compared to granite.

A better solution for granite is to have the lettering carved out of the stone and then painted in with gold, black or silver. This gives a lovely effect and can delay the erosion process. With a memorial care, these letters can be renewed and the lettering last far longer than just carved letters would.

Image courtesy of Flickr user treehouse1977.

Take Back Control with an Adjustable Bed or Rise and Recline Chair

It’s time to seize back control of your life and maintain your independence. Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to spend ages getting up each morning or struggling to leave your chair after enjoying a book or some television. The uncomfortable, painful quest to haul yourself onto your feet can be easily avoided with the simple introduction of an adjustable bed or a rise and recline chair to your home.

We’ll begin with adjustable beds, the benefits of which are numerous. At the start of the night, when getting into bed, you can have it move into a position that is more comfortable for you. If you want to read or watch television for a while, both are much easier due to the bed being able to support your back in an easy sitting position. Once you’re ready to drift away to sleep, find a position that is comfortable for you and then let the bed support you as you sleep, keeping your joints and spine in a position that will help to stop them from seizing up during the night. In the morning, your bed can help you get up and onto your feet by lifting you up to a sitting position, allowing you to move your feet to the ground and then stand up from there. You can even have the middle raise to help you up.

The rise and recline chair offers some similar advantages. Not only can it bring you to your feet when you want to get up, but it can also support your spine and joints in a position that’s much more comfortable for you whilst reading, watching TV or just enjoying a sit down.

Image courtesy of Flickr user quinn.anya.