Tips for Keeping your Gravestone Clean

Looking after a gravestone doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With some simple tips and advice, you can ensure that any headstones, be they marble headstones or granite headstones look great for that much longer.

With the help of this video, we hope that you can look after memorials for loved ones with a much greater degree of success, keeping them free from weathering effects, moss and mould whilst not damaging the original stonework.

Of course, you can’t fight against the weathering effects of the elements forever, and even though these tips will certainly help you maintain your gravestone far longer, they do not provide indefinite protection. Luckily, there are professional companies that can provide memorial care to a much higher standard when it becomes necessary. Not only will they clean the stone, but can also restore lettering or other details and reattach leaded pieces.

Watch the video and learn how you can care for your memorial.

Customers Say Just Why They Wanted their Rise and Recline Chairs

If you’ve always considered getting rise and recline chairs, or have begun to feel that your current chairs simply aren’t offering you the comfort, support or mobility that you need, then you’re likely looking for more information about them and trying to come to a decision as to whether you should get one or not.

One of the most helpful things to do whilst searching for a new product is to see what others have to say about them, or discover other customers’ reasons behind getting them. That’s why we found Oak Tree Mobility’s latest TV advert so useful. It has comments from customers discussing why they chose to get recliner chairs with Oak Tree Mobility.

Hopefully, you’ll find some of their comments useful and it will help you make a decision about the chairs you get. They extol several of the benefits that the chairs offer too, giving a well-rounded view of what the chairs can do for you.

What Will You Have Added to Your Memorial?

There are loads of different options when it comes to adorning your headstone or gravestone with some things to really personalise it. You might expect that carving ornamentation onto a memorial is more common, but in plenty of cases, such as with a granite memorial for instance, you may well find that adornment rather than carving gives you a much greater range of options.

The problems with carving mainly sprout from the fact that granite and other hard stones can be very difficult and time consuming to carve. This can place very real limitations on the amount of work that can be done to a headstone within a certain budget. Even if money were no option, it’s simply much more difficult, close to impossible in some cases, to get the same level of detail on carvings in granite than it is in a softer stone, such as marble.

However, the adornments that you can get more than make up for the loss of carving options that granite offers, and these adornments take much more readily to granite than to softer stones as it will hold them much more easily; they are much less likely to loosen in granite headstones than they are in marble headstones.

And the range of adornments is huge! Even the colours vary massively. You can have something as simple as lettering, right up to images of doves, angels or something that the departed enjoyed immensely in life. You can even have full images cast and attached.