Recliner Chairs – Try Before You Buy

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t buy a new pair of shoes before you try them on, and plenty of decent shoe shops allow you to return the shoes after you have tried them out (as long as you have only done so in your own home and there are no signs of wear on them), so why wouldn’t you expect the same to be true of modern recliner chairs?

Anything you are buying that can affect your comfort, whether it’s a pair of shoes you’ll be walking in a lot, a recliner chair or even adjustable beds, you want to get a feel for them before you commit to buying them. That’s why some companies that sell rise and recline chairs will allow you to have a trial chair brought to your home that you can try out. Buying one of these chairs can be a big decision, so offers like this are a real advantage for anybody looking into getting a reclining chair.

Of course, you might discover that there is something you would like different in your recliner chair, or that the model you are trialling doesn’t provide the increase in comfort that you were hoping for. Either of those outcomes is fine, as that is exactly what a trial is supposed to reveal to you, and adjustments can be made to your chair before you go through with the purchase.

Hopefully, however, the trial will show you how much more comfortable you can be with a recliner chair, and you’ll feel much better about your purchase because of it.

Image courtesy of Flickr user klynslis.

Free Quotes on Adjustable Beds and Recliner Chairs

When you’re looking at getting some new mobility furniture, you might be wondering what it will end up costing you. You may be worried about the costs involved in buying new recliner chairs or adjustable beds, but when you actually have a quote in hand you could well be surprised by just how little you’ll end up paying. Of course, without getting a quote you will never know.

It might seem like a small thing when your chair or bed has finally arrived, but the initial quote on a new piece of mobility furniture can be one of the biggest factors in deciding whether to go ahead with a purchase or not. That’s why many companies opt to provide you with free quotes on their adjustable beds and chairs, including Oak Tree Mobility.

All you have to do is give some of the details and specifications of what you are looking for and you will receive an estimated cost, which is likely to be much lower than you had worried. After all, it’s possible to get a recliner chair from as little as £695, and that’s without even including the part exchange deals that companies will sometimes offer you. Oak Tree Mobility, for instance, offer up to £300 part exchange on your old chairs and beds when buying a new product from them.

As the quotes are free, there is no risk to you in simply enquiring about a chair or bed, even if you’re not sure you will end up going for it, so get in touch for one today!