Elderly people benefit from modern mobility products

Today, many elderly people or people with mobility issues can benefit greatly from the many modern mobility products which are constantly coming onto the market. Many of these mobility products are now widely available throughout the UK.

So, if you have a loved one or if you yourself are at a period in your life where you are suffering from mobility issues, then maybe its time to discover what products can make a real difference within your daily life. Continue reading

The Wireless launched on DAB digital radio by Age UK

Age UK is well known as the largest charity for older people and, in that role, they look out for all the needs and difficulties that life throws at us when we get older. Their latest venture has been to provide a radio station “for grown-ups”, providing a new listening experience that is the way forward for the future.

Radio is one of the few mediums that has remained popular throughout the development of the digital age, and millions tune in to their favourite shows and stations every day. New radio stations are popping up all the time for different audiences, and Age UK have created ‘The Wireless’ to be the station of choice for one of the most important demographics: older listeners.

The Wireless was launched in May 2012 online and has started broadcasting on DAB digital radio this week, fantastic news for those who like to sit back in rise and recliner chairs for a bit of listening enjoyment.

The new service has recruited some priceless radio talent to its presenting ranks, including former Radio 1 DJ David Hamilton and Graham Dene, previously from Capital Radio and reportedly the favourite DJ of Princess Diana.

Hamiltonhas said that he is excited to get involved with the new station which he describes as “brilliant”, praising it for its huge selection of great music from the 50s to the 80s, talent for picking up on interesting features, and usefulness in offering expert advice. All in all, The Wireless appears to provide a unique blend of content that will entertain and interest the more seasoned listener.

Now that the show has gone digital, it can now reach 12 million people who can listen to it whilst gardening, cooking, using stair lifts, cleaning and more; turning to DAB digital radio will certainly give The Wireless the opportunity to reach the ears of eager audiences across the UK.

Some of the interesting and informative features and documentaries that can be expected include the discussion of up-to-date and relevant topics like sleep, blood pressure, genealogy research, and money saving. A variety of musical greats can be expected too, with Young at Heart by Frank Sinatra and Shades of Grey by The Monkees being just 2 examples.

Tom Wright CBE, group chief executive of Age UK, is “thrilled” to launch The Wireless, considering it to be the ideal platform for older listeners to express their views, listen to music that is entertaining and hear content that is helpful.

Image credit: Smiker (commons.wikimedia.org)

New survey says that middle age begins in our 50s

According to a recent survey by Learn to Love, an online learning website, middle age in your 30s is a thing of the past. The majority of British people involved in the survey said that middle age now occurs in your 50s.

Previous studies that question when people believe middle age begins have suggested that it begins as early as 36. As we are now living longer, devices like walk in baths are making life easier, and good health at retirement age means that we can achieve more in our free time, the nation’s formerly held ideas about aging are being reshaped.

The research questioned 1,000 adults and7 in10 of them said that middle age is best placed in our 50s. All in all, the British public is feeling younger for longer. The average age that people suggested was middle age was 54 years and 347 days.

Taking a look at some more research from leading charity Age UK, which looked at how Europeans categorised themselves, old age apparently begins at 62, with all that is prior to that considered as youth or middle age.

What we have to remember about middle age is that it is more of an idea than a number, and 19% of the respondents to the Learn to Love survey put this suggestion forward. If we think of some of the famous people who could be considered middle aged, such as Stephen Fry (55), Madonna (54), Danny Boyle (55) to name but a few, it suddenly becomes quite clear that there is so much more to achieve in our later years than some people think.

The benefits of being older were clear from the research, with over 50% saying that more confidence and experience came with living longer, particularly the confidence to give things a go and not be held back by the fear of mistakes. The most eye-opening figure came from the number of over 50s who said that their appetite to try out new hobbies and learn new things was even bigger than in their youth; 87% said that this was the case.

TV presenter John Craven (72), who supports the work of Love to Learn, agrees that it’s very much to do with attitudes towards life, and an “active state of mind” is a far more important tool than ever before. So much can be done right at home; completing online courses, surfing the internet, and doing brain training challenges such as Sudoku, all made easier and more comfortable thanks to modern developments like rise and recliner chairs, are just some of the ways in which our minds can get all the exercise that they need.

Image credit: Garry Knight (flickr.com)


Home solutions to back pain and muscle ache

As we get older and our bodies become a little less sprightly, simple, enjoyable things inevitably become less so thanks to extra strain, such as reading in bed, watching evening TV in the living room or even just getting a good night’s sleep. Some people experience muscle ache and back pain whilst others don’t feel anything but are still damaging their bodies. So, what can we do to stop this?

The answer that doesn’t always spring to mind first is to replace your existing beds with comfortable adjustable beds. It really should be the first solution to think of because it is the ultimate bed that provides all the comfort and muscle and joint support needed for a good night’s sleep. Beds that are made to your specific measurements are even available, so don’t worry about not being able to reach the floor with your feet, something that all of us can find a bit irritating.

Adjustable beds are great for being able to sit up in bed for watching the TV, drinking or reading, but for when you don’t want to do all that in your bedroom then this is where a recliner chair comes in. From the comfort of the family living room, your posture can be looked after by a chair that supports you whether you’re sitting up or lying back. All of your muscles are supported too, right from the neck to the feet, something that standard reclining sofas and chairs are not always built for.

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Things to Consider When Comparing a Conventional or Eco-Funeral

Green Wooded Cemetery

When it is time to consider the arrangements for your chosen funeral or burial method, you now have a whole host of options to choose from. This could compare a wide range of conventional funeral and memorial options available, or alternatively you could choose from a variety of the growing trend of Eco-funeral options which are becoming available throughout the UK.

If you are thinking of a conventional funeral with regular cemetery burial, you will have to think about where you would like your final resting place. For this, you will need to check if there is available space in your chosen cemetery. You can check out this situation by making contact with the local church or the cemetery management. When checking this, you will also be able to consider options for funeral services in addition to which type of coffin or container you would like to be buried or cremated in. Continue reading

Experience a variety of Spa package treatments at a Yorkshire Spa

Spa Massage on bed

Anyone planning a relaxing break in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside shortly might like to add a therapeutic spa break into their itinerary as this could not only enhance a holiday, but also give an opportunity to feel completely revitalised after your holiday.

Currently, there are a variety of day spa centres available in the Yorkshire region, with some of them being placed within Yorkshire’s rural countryside, meaning you won’t have to venture into the nearest large town or city to find the tranquillity of a day spa. Continue reading

Discover the next generation of headstones: QR codes

Traditional memorials are going digital with the addition of interactive headstones, helping to make remembering a loved one a different yet equally touching experience.

UK gravestones could soon typically have Quick Response (QR) codes etched on to headstones and, once scanned by a smartphone, the code can lead to information about the loved one on a webpage.

The smartphone user can see a profile of the person including pictures, videos, a biography, and tributes left in memory of the deceased. Once given access to the website, users can also add their own tributes as well. People who have already used the QR code system on the memorials of their loved ones have rated it highly, and one woman even said that it helped make a hard grieving process a bit easier as it was something her husband would have been very excited by.

As well as on headstones, the QR codes can be put on memorials and tribute bench plaques, making them a really wonderful way to keep the memories of loved ones alive in the eyes of the public.

The etched QR codes will benefit from regular memorial care in order for them to continually work, but this can easily be integrated into the regular cleaning that all granite and marble headstones should undergo a couple of times a year.

Image credit: Paul Wilkinson (flickr.com)