Embrace the versatility of adjustable beds and rise and recliner chairs

Any of those suffering from mobility issues can testify to the importance of modern adjustable beds and rise and recliners chairs. Tailored specifically to meet any medical requirements, they create a sense of individuality for the user whilst fitting in seamlessly with the aesthetics of the room.

But what are the versatile features and functions that help make the products vital mobility aids and what do they offer that manual or ordinary chairs and beds can’t?

For starters, they both can be adjusted to support your body position and maintain comfort at a high level depending on medical requirements or needs. Also, most recliner chairs nowadays are made to measure to obtain maximum satisfaction for the user. There will be no need to worry about whether the chairs are too long, too wide or too deep, with a made to measure service designed to make sure your product is just like Goldilocks’ porridge.

Another advantage to versatile functions of both a recliner chair and an adjustable bed is how they can be made to support a range of mobility issues that normal and manual recliner chairs or adjustable beds just aren’t equipped to deal with. They are ideal to help sufferers of leg ulcers, back complaints and breathing difficulties, whilst there is plenty of expert advice around both online and at specialist stores to help you decide which product is best for you.

Should you or a loved one should be suffering from mobility issues, be sure to check out the range of rise and recliner chairs and adjustable beds on the market today and instantly improve your day to day life.

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A few pointers on keeping your skin in tip top condition

As we get older, the last thing most of us want is for our skin to look tired and worn out. While a youthful complexion will offer you a range of benefits, the most important thing it will give you is confidence. Here are a few tips on making your skin look younger for less, because you can’t always treat yourself to the luxury experience of a spa in Yorkshire.

Firstly, you need to find a good cleanser, with cream cleansers offering the perfect remedy for dry skin while clear ones are excellent at removing an oily complexion. It is, however important not to cleanse too much, otherwise you could seriously risk damaging your skin complexion. Just by washing your face once at night to remove any make up or sun tan lotion is perfect; after all, it’s important to remove all of the toxins from your pores to maintain glowing skin condition.

The next is exfoliation, a step people too often completely skip from their schedule. To exfoliate your skin, simply add a tiny amount of cleanser onto a damp cloth, applying it to your skin in a circular motion. Another method is using a scrub, good at removing the top layer of skin cells which can dull your complexion. Using a light scrub once a week should be enough for visible results.

Finally it is important to moisturise, the ultimate warrior in the arduous battle against dry skin. It is a common belief that a decent moisturiser is worth the investment, the kind you would find on spa breaks. You should be able to tell how your skin feels to determine how much moisturiser you should be using. If it’s too little your skin will look sore, however too much and you may find your pores can get clogged.

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Gravestone rubbing emerging as a hobby

As Halloween approaches, a lesser-known hobby is coming into the spotlight: collecting rubbings from marble headstones.

The hobby is much like the brass rubbings done in school, where you take a piece of paper and gently rub a crayon over it to show more clearly what picture or message the brass shows. The difference here is that the subject matter in question is the gravestone that marks the resting place of a loved one.

In terms of the practicalities of gravestone rubbing, the paper needs to be large enough for the detail on the entire stone to show up on the rubbing. A trick of the trade is to use masking tape to attach the paper so that no sticky residue is left on the memorial.

The rubbings can be used to permanently record the wording of the headstone, meaning that engraved wording can easily be restored when it comes to memorial care. Another good use is to trace members of a family tree or add more information to a basic one. The key thing to remember is that those who partake in this hobby always do so with the utmost respect.

Before searching through random UK gravestones for interesting headstones, it is very important to make sure that you have permission to do so; ask the vicar of the graveyard in question if you are concerned. More information on gravestone rubbing can be found on the website for official organisation The Association for Gravestone Studies.

Image Credit: Dawn Endico (flickr.com)

Mysterious gravestone re-appears in Maryland, USA

In Montgomery County in the state of Maryland, USA, marble headstones are meant to mark the resting place of loved ones in graveyards. However, there is one gravestone that seems to have a life of its own and is being found in mysterious locations across the county.

This summer, Jim May, a workman for the local sewer department, was walking in a ditch in Hillsboro and was surprised to find a grave marker. Oddly enough, the very same grave marker was found out of place 99 years ago, when they came across the headstone near St Agnes Catholic Church in Hilsboro in 1913.

The gravestone would have marked the resting place of John T. Misenheimer, who died on 24th July 1858 and was only 9 years old at the time.

It is unlikely to be the work of anything supernatural however; both the ditch and 1913 discovery were found quite close to the Lutheran cemetery which was the original home of the grave. The cemetery was being turned into an area for residential use around 1913, and all bodies were due to be moved with their accompanying gravestones. It seems that little Misenheimer’s gravestone was unfortunate enough to be separated from its accompanying body.

The local genealogical society is hoping to pair up the mysterious headstone with the graves of whoever his parents were but, due to the lack of memorial care that the gravestone has received, some of it has proved difficult to read and no conclusive parents have been found yet. Hopefully the gravestone will find a better home, or perhaps in the next 100 years it may mysteriously appear in yet another place!

Image Credit: Phelyan Sanjoin (flickr.com)