Man publishes first novel aged 81

Alongside complete freedom, one thing that retirement brings you is a lot of extra time. With your life once filled with work and day-to-day tasks, it is understandable that certain duties do get shelved when you have a little extra time. With none of these commitments, you are now free to do whatever you want, so why not do something you have always dreamed of? This is exactly what Srikumar Sen did, publishing his first book at 81 years old.

Having worked as a boxing correspondent and sports journalist for The Times during much of his adult life before his retirement in 1999, his ambition to pen a novel never materialised due to time constraints. Having first perceived the idea when he was living in India in 1964, Sen kept the plot firmly in his mind, and The Skinning Tree hit the shelves last month to critical acclaim, a task which could have been accomplished while relaxing in a recliner chair.

Drawing on his childhood experiences and set during the Second World War, it tells the story of Sabby, a gentle boy who gets sent to a Catholic School in Northern India over fears that the Japanese are about to invade. It seems one work isn’t it for the new novelist, either, after reports emerged that Sen is now working on a sequel to the story.

While many people think about purchasing adjustable beds, stairlifts and other personal mobility aid products in time for old age, Sen is living proof that it is never too late to accomplish your dreams and ambitions.


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