Some tips on adjusting to a life on retirement

Retired couple

Although many of us spend much of our working lives looking forward to retirement, the truth is that a high proportion of people find making the transition from having everyday commitments to endless spare time more difficult than they could have imagined. A couple of tips on how to make the most out of what should be a truly golden period are given below, which we hope may help you if you have retired or plan on doing so soon.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do after finishing work is to keep in mind that you are no longer under any pressure to do anything on a strict schedule. It is only natural to feel somewhat unsettled in the first few weeks of your retirement, as both your body and your mind take their time adjusting to not having to get up with the alarm every morning, but this restlessness will pass if you choose to let it. Only relaxation will clear your thoughts enough for you to decide what it is you now want to do, so just sit back in your relaxing recliner chair and let your different ideas work themselves out. 

Even if decades of busy living has meant that you now rely on mobility aids for achieving maximum comfort, it does not follow that you should stop being active as soon as you retire. In fact, quite the opposite is true: stopping your tried and tested daily routine will leave you with a great deal more pent-up energy, and some of the best ways of using it up to your advantage include walking, swimming and, if there is suitable terrain near you, cycling.

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