Sheffield centenarian relives singing days at his 100th Birthday Party

Sheffield centenarian relives singing days at his 100th Birthday PartyFor many of us, old age is a period that we look forward to giving us plenty of time to fulfil goals and aspirations which couldn’t be accomplished while in a full time job, whilst also relaxing and putting our feet up.

Reaching 100 years old is a fantastic achievement for anyone, so when Joseph Trigg from Sheffield reached the milestone earlier this month, his extended family pushed the boat out to ensure he had a party worth remembering. A great, great grandfather, Joseph is a well-known figure in the city, having spent years captivating audiences on the Sheffield club scene in his youth, gaining a particularly reputation for his fantastic rendition of the Woody Woodpecker Song. His family enlisted the services of an entertainer to play some of his favourite songs, the perfect method to help him relive his singing days.

Deserving of a well-earned rest in rise and reclining chair, Joseph wore a commemorative yellow t-shirt while he toasted his arrival to triple figures with his family in the Alexander Court Nursing Home. The task of singing Happy Birthday was given to his daughter Avis. While it was fantastic for her to do so, it could have been all different after Joseph suffered a stroke in February. Because of the setback, it makes reaching the milestone even more special for Joseph and his family.

He was able to say a few words after the party, saying he was very lucky and happy to have his family and friends around him to mark the occasion.

Born in Upperthorpe, a suburb of Sheffield, Joseph raised five children and worked as a horizontal borer at the local firm Davy Lowry Ltd before his retirement. While he may have got used to being on his feet as an entertainer, nowadays he is far more likely to be using mobility aids such as a fully adjustable bed so he can take it easy in his old age.


Image Credit: Complete Fanatic (Wikimedia Commons)

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