Gravestone finally dedicated to Titanic survivor

A Swedish man who survived the sinking of RMS Titanic is to finally have a gravestone dedicated to him, almost 90 years after he passed away in a separate apparent drowning incident, according to the Livingston Daily.

Oscar Palmquist had never been honoured with a monument by the state of Connecticut to which he emigrated as a third class passenger on the legendary steam liner, despite overcoming a near-death experience in the icy waters of the Atlantic to eventually achieve his dream of settling in the city of Bridgeport with his brother.

This fact was recently discovered by the Titanic International Society, whose president emeritus, Shelley Dziedzic, has spearheaded an effort to rectify the situation. Speaking to a reporter, Dziedzic said that she ‘felt it was no justice for him, no recognition for what had happened to him and no one ever pursued it’.

A descendent of the deceased, David Palmquist, expressed his gratitude for the steps that have been taken by Dziedzic and her society, commenting that the act was ‘extremely generous’. ‘They’re seeking out the poorer classes of people who were otherwise forgotten’, he said, ‘and families that could not or did not pay for headstones’.

Doubt has been cast on the assumption that Palmquist drowned in 1925, with foul play suspected by some, but this speculation had no bearing on the decision to provide him with a long overdue granite memorial stone at Bridgetown’s Mountain Grove Cemetery. Amazingly, the $2,000 cost of the monument was covered entirely by the donations of people touched by the story from around the world.

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