A few of the many reasons for studying in London

London at night

Whether you go through London university clearing or the normal application process, choosing to live and study in the capital of the UK is a decision that you will certainly not regret. There are endless reasons why spending at least a couple of years in what is surely one of the most exciting cities in the world is a good idea, but here are a few which we think are particularly important:

1)     Diversity – wherever you come from and wherever life will take you afterwards, the incredible diversity of London will ensure that you never feel far from home. With more than 300 languages spoken throughout the capital, the city is an exciting hotbed of different cultures, practices and beliefs which collide with each other in the best way possible!

2)     Entertainment – however unique your tastes may be, they will be catered for in London. If you are a fan of niche music, theatre or film, for instance, you may have felt a little isolated when it came to your hobbies in the past but, whatever you’re into, you are bound to come across many people and events in the Big Smoke which share and indulge your passion.

3)     History – Londoners appreciate that, regardless of whether you’re studying for an accountancy degree or anything else, visitors will be fascinated by and want to learn more about the area’s rich and ancient history. From the Tower of London to Shakespeare’s Globe, St. Paul’s Cathedral and endless other, less well-known sites, the chance to discover the heritage this fabulous capital enjoys really is all around you.