Pregnancy spa treatments

During a spa break there are a variety of treatments that people can enjoy, but something a lot of the public don’t know about is the pregnancy treatments that are on offer. This piece looks at some treatments that are available to expectant mothers.


Massages during pregnancy are seen as a great way of relieving aching backs, stiff shoulders and sore hips, as well as helping to improve your mood, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Check to see what your spa offers, as some will have special massage couches where a hole will be cut out for your bump. When next visiting a spa in Yorkshire or another region, tell your masseuse about any particularly sensitive areas that you have so they can help relieve any strains.


If you are feeling stressed during pregnancy, why not try a facial? Facials are relaxing and can help keep your skin healthy. During pregnancy your skin can become sensitive, but your beauty therapist will use gentler products so as not to irritate your skin.

Manicure and Pedicure

Pretty-looking hands and feet always make you feel amazing, so a manicure or pedicure is just the thing you need during pregnancy, especially if you have been on your feet a lot. It is fine to use nail polish and nail polish remover during pregnancy, so lay back and put your feet up, or hands, and enjoy being made a fuss of.


Some spas offer specific relaxation therapies for expectant mothers. This can help ease the mind, relax the body and help you find pure comfort and relaxation. This is great, especially if you have had a stressful day on the high street shopping for stuff for your future child.