Men’s spa treatments for the sports fanatic













In the world of spas and relaxing treatments, there is a common misconception amongst men that it is an activity that only women are permitted to enjoy. But this is far from the case, as many of the best spas now offer treatments specifically tailored to men, with sports recovery and relaxation among the benefits.


Facials are commonly associated with women, but they are in fact a great way for anyone to feel completely revitalised and de-stressed. If you have been feeling stressed or work outside, a facial can bring your skin back to its former glory that both you and your partner will appreciate.

It is recommended that you avoid shaving immediately before the facial, as this can leave your skin irritated and sensitive to the products used, so try to shave the day or evening before instead. That being said, you don’t have to shave at all if you would prefer not to and would rather just enjoy the energising results.


What man doesn’t enjoy a therapeutic scalp massage? There are specific treatments for migraines and hair loss available at male friendly Yorkshire spa resorts, which bring with them some serious benefits for your general health.


Spas are not all about pampering; many have a serious focus on health and can rid your body of a multitude of aches and pains. If you play a lot of sport or take on heavy manual work outdoors as a part of your job, a deep tissue muscle massage can restore muscle strength and flexibility whilst relieving tension and stress.

Stone therapies are also a popular way of targeting pain by focusing on key energy points in your back in a way you would be hard pushed to replicate at home.

A relaxing spa break is not just the prerogative of women but is a luxury available to all, so if you are suffering from back pain or a sports injury or just want to experience the de-stressing effects of a spa session, there are sure to be a number of treatments out there for you.