Art to discover in Yorkshire

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The most notable art to come out of Yorkshire is that produced by David Hockney, but few people know that the county has made a far bigger contribution to the art world since the Pop Art movement in the form of both artists and institutions over the years.

During stays at Scarborough hotels in Yorkshire you can experience a number of cultural art locations and galleries whilst enjoying your time in the northern region.

Blandscliff Gallery and Studio

Located in Scarborough, this local gallery displays a range of contemporary fine art and is run by a small number of University of Hull and of York Fine Art graduates. The gallery has a number of contributors, in addition to the art group that founded the art space, who have been known to exhibit both nationally and internationally, making this a prominent Yorkshire gallery.

Crescent Arts

Another Scarborough gallery, Crescent Arts supports and promotes visual art both locally and further afield. With exhibitions, artists’ talks, events and much more, the gallery offers an education to the public that looks to support its mission of promoting art and art education.

Whitby Galleries

Whitby Galleries are the small art spaces located near some of the most popular Whitby hotels. Established in 1993, they own two galleries which stand adjacent to one another and promote the work of local artists that represent the environment of the Whitby area.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Slightly further afield lies the popular and famous Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Taking up the parkland of Bretton Hall in Wakefield, the sculpture park is the open air gallery that looks to display and promote art works of international, national and regional importance. The park looks to live out its message of ‘great art for everyone’, and its 300,000 visitors each year are struck by the striking atmosphere which the park presents.

Get perfect feet with a fish pedicure

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The fish pedicure may have received much media attention and provoked a great deal of discussion in the past, but it is still one the most popular ways of getting perfectly smooth and cleansed feet available in the beauty industry. For those who are more sensitive about their feet and would rather not visit a traditional pedicurist, the fish pedicure offers the most relaxing and effective solution out there.

Now this form of pedicure is so popular that you don’t need to venture to the capital to experience it, as some of the best Yorkshire spas offer the ultimate fish pedicure at great prices.

The fish

The fish used in these types of pedicures are called Garra Rufa fish, more commonly known as Doctor fish. They are natively found in the pools of Turkish river systems and hot springs and are used to nibble on the dead skin of feet. They are known to work to alleviate symptoms of dry skin, with the pedicure being very popular in Japan; they are even kept as pets in many countries!

The feeling

Most people describe the feeling as like having bubbles on the feet, or like dipping your feet in champagne, and the treatment is not meant to hurt in the slightest as the fish don’t have teeth and cannot physically bite the skin. The treatment as a whole is very relaxing and therapeutic, as all you have to do is sit back and watch the fish do the work in the environment of a calming spa location.

The benefits

The benefits of fish pedicures are clear: those who have experienced the treatment have claimed that their feet are far smoother and softer afterwards as a result. While the fish actively nibble on the dead skin cells of your feet, their salvia is also said to contain a unique healing protein that has significant health benefits.

As most resorts that offer these pedicures provide other treatments as well, the fish pedicure can be undertaken as part of a weekend spa break, from which you will return rejuvenated and refreshed with perfect feet.