Organic treatments to enjoy at the spa

Image Credit: Jag_cz (

Image Credit: Jag_cz (

‘Organic’ has crept into the spa world over the years and has left many people asking themselves what makes organic treatments and products better than others? And what is the difference?

There are many reasons to opt for an organic treatment during a health spa weekend in Yorkshire for both health and personal benefits and this article offers an introduction into world of organic treatments and products to enjoy during your next spa break.

Why Organic?

As previously mentioned, there are a number of reasons to choose an organic treatment: to begin with, they can be far kinder to your skin and offer a solution to those with sensitive or troubled skin conditions as they avoid using products that are made from synthetic materials and chemicals.

This means that these treatments are often better for the environment, not inhumanely tested on animals and promote fair trade, making them great for both your body and mind.

There has been research to suggest that every day we use over 250 different chemicals on our skin; this can be harsh on the skin and often result in a less than desired effect. Organic treatments can offer a natural and effective alternative.


There are a range of spa treatments that use organic products which offer a natural fragrance whilst achieving the results you would expect from a professional treatment. From massage oils that can be moisturising and provide a relaxing natural aroma to body scrubs made from organic sugars and oils that can exfoliate and buffer the skin to perfection, organic spa treatments can offer complete relaxation and peace of mind towards the environment and your beauty regime.