The right manicure for you

 Image Credit: James Lee (

Image Credit: James Lee (

Whether you have an event to go to or your hands have been under a lot of strain lately and could do with some pampering there are a number of treatments available to suit both wants.

People are often under the misleading impression that manicures are just for special occasions where people want their nails to really shine and compliment their outfit. While getting your nails done is an all-important part of the preparation on your wedding day or school formal, the luxurious experience of having your hands pampered at a luxury spa in Yorkshire is equally enjoyable.

Hand and foot therapies

As well as being able to get a manicure to have your nails made beautiful with polish or acrylic, there are a number of treatments today that can have your hands and feet looking equally stunning. With Handcleanse, Handsilk Exfoliare, Handrestructure Masque and HandRenew Liposomes included amongst contemporary treatments, there is no excuse for your hands not to look their best as such treatments help your hands look and feel softer, smoother, firmer and overall more beautiful.

Similarly, pedicures can ensure that your feet as well as your toenails are up to the mark. Thermal heated boots are often used now for deeper penetration of oils and creams, softening cuticles, improving circulation and stiff joints.

The perfect polish

Once you have the strong base of beautiful hands and healthy nails you can then think about what beautiful nail design you want to complement your look. From the classic French Manicure to the range of colours and designs available, the choices are endless thanks to contemporary products, techniques and nail technician talent, including gels, traditional polishes and acrylics.