Why you should go organic at the spa

Organic Spa Treatments‘Organic’ is a word that is instantly recognisable in this day and age, suggesting something that is fresh, healthy, superior and, above all, good for you. Going organic goes beyond the food we eat, with organic treatments now a popular addition to spa breaks in Yorkshire.

Why should I go organic at the spa?

  • All-natural ingredients

Many cheap beauty products are packed full of artificial chemicals. Our skin absorbs about 60 per cent of products used on it, which is why many avoid chemicals and turn to an organic spa treatment for pampering that is as good for you as it is indulgent.

  • Long-term natural beauty

Artificial chemicals may provide a quick fix, but they can damage the skin in the long term by causing skin irritation and sensitivity. It may take longer to see the benefits when using organic beauty treatments, but it should be treated like an investment in the future of your skin.

  • Sustainably-produced products

When you leave the spa not only will your skin feel great, but your conscience will too. Organic treatments are made from organic ingredients, which means that they are produced sustainably, using practices that have minimum impact on the environment.

Image Credit: D Sharon Pruitt (flickr.com)