Three beauty treatments from ancient traditions

ancient spa treatments in YorkshireThere are many cutting-edge and modern beauty treatments continually being added to the market, but why not try one of the tried and tested methods which have been practiced for thousands of years? Take a look at these three ancient treatments and treat yourself by visiting the Titanic Spa in Yorkshire.

Indian Head Massage

Unwind with this stress-releasing massage, which concentrates on the scalp. Pressure points in the face will be stimulated, while a range of movements will be applied to the neck and shoulders, including deep kneading.


This is a spiritual Japanese practice to restore balance in your life by promoting harmony and well-being. Reiki also uses a natural hands-on healing technique.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

Those suffering with conditions such as glue ear, hay fever or excessive earwax will benefit from this treatment, which aims to remove impurities from the ear. It is painless and soothing and is a natural alternative to syringing.

Image Credit: Visit Finger Lakes (Flickr)