Choose the right massage for you

Massage in a spa

Massages can be the ultimate way to relax and relieve tension from both aching muscles and the mind. With varying lengths and techniques, it can sometimes be hard to decide which is best suited to certain needs, but hopefully this guide will provide the answer.


As offered by Titanic Spa in Yorkshire, deep-tissue massages use a number of kneading techniques, as well as cross grain strokes. This is a great option for those who feel tension in particular areas, or have suffered with muscular injuries.

Decleor Aromassage

This special massage uses a soothing balm, which releases sensational aromas throughout the duration of the treatment. It’s perfect for those who wish to de-stress, as the tension is eased from the body with techniques applied to tension points in the head right to the tips of the toes.

Carita Hot Stone Caress

Instead of hands, the body will be massaged with hot volcanic stones in order to stimulate energy points. This is to leave the body feeling revitalised and refreshed, and is one that those feeling tired and lethargic will enjoy.

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