What questions to ask when interviewing for a nanny

What questions to ask when employing a nanny

The decision to employ a nanny for your childcare needs can be daunting yet very rewarding, as not only do you get to learn a lot about your potential employee, but also your understanding of the role(s) that you wish them to take on. Whilst many choose to use a nanny agency for their search, others decide to go through the process alone. That is why we have created a few questions you should be asking your interviewee when employing a nanny.

Will they respect your family values?

Every family has different religious views, traditions and other aspects of their life they wouldn’t normally talk about outside of their family circle, but when hiring a nanny it is important that they understand your own family, and the individual aspects that revolve around your day-to-day living.

 Do you have a personalised job description for your new nanny?

Realising and understanding what you require from your new nanny is very important, so both of you can adapt around the family life. Set out a schedule of a normal week and ask the interviewee whether they have the qualifications/the right personality/experience that your schedule requires.

  What can you bring to this family that no other nanny could?

Each potential employee will have their own way of caring and looking after your children, on top of the skills they will have developed when learning how to be a nanny. Think of a challenging scenario that your children have been in previously and ask the interviewee what they would and could do to handle a similar situation. Ask them what they could bring to your child’s life too, both on an educational and personal level, as they will be helping them to grow over the period of time they are employed.

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