Interview tips: How to prepare for a Skype interview

Interview tips


Work and travel commitments may mean that face-to-face interviews aren’t possible for you or your future employer. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a great opportunity. Skype interviews are a common occurrence in circumstances such as these and allow you to interact virtually with the individual who is hoping to hire you. So, here are some useful Skype interview tips for your next call.

Setting up your Skype

Unless you regularly use Skype it is easy to forget the importance of a professional username and display photo (you can use software like photshop to enhance this by reducing fine lines and wrinkles ). A future employer, regardless of any job vacancy, will want to see a candidate who takes their career seriously and if you can transfer that through your Skype profile then you are halfway there. Make sure you update your username, preferably to your full name, and get a friend or family member to take a professional looking portrait photo of you if you haven’t already.

Dress the part

One of the most obvious and important interview tips for any private household staff individual is to make sure you dress the part, and just because you are behind a screen doesn’t mean you should hide the jogging bottoms out of shot! Dressing as if you are going for your first day from head to toe will not only give your physical appearance a boost, but also your confidence too. When you are dressed confidently you will feel confident in your approach to questions and answers from a potential employer.

Take your location into consideration

The background for your Skype interview can be just as crucial as your personal appearance. Try to find somewhere that is quiet and preferably with a white or neutral background to enhance a professional representation. This way you will also be able to focus on the interview itself, without being distracted by irrelevant noise or movement.

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