Characteristics of a successful nanny

Characteristics of a successful nanny


If you are looking for a career through a nanny agency in London, then you will want to know what it takes to build the characteristics of a successful nanny. For some it may come naturally, but there are always ways in which you can improve on your skill set to be a head above the rest when it comes to potential employment.

Good communicator

The top priority when securing a job as a nanny is communication, between both the child and the next of kin. Communication between the parents and other relatives is key when planning day-to-day activities. It is more than likely that all of the child’s needs will be discussed prior to employment, but make sure you ask if there are any special requirements for your own peace of mind.

Trustworthy and responsible

Anyone who is in the childcare industry will know of the criminal checks, education and other qualifications needed for future employment. Being trustworthy and responsible is a huge aspect when looking after children as, essentially, the life of another individual is in your hands! Make sure to plan child-friendly activities that won’t put you or the child at any sort of risk.


Motivation, alongside a lot of energy, is a key characteristic when looking after children as a part-time/full-time nanny. Having the motivation to plan interesting and fun activities, both recreationally and education based, is definitely needed and will boost the learning experience for the child. The ability to do this will certainly look good on any future job applications.

They love their job

Finally, successful nannies definitely love their job and respect your property this is what drives them to be the best of the best. Of course there will be times where a child will test your patience, but adapting that to your skill set will influence a positive development in your career.

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