Norland Nannies, where are they now?


After starring in the ITV documentary “Britain’s Poshest Nannies” in 2014, Norland College has become one of the most famous childcare colleges in the world. Following the journey of Set 36, a group of students learning the academic foundations and practical skills of becoming a prestigious nanny and preparing for high-end employment, the show was watched by millions of viewers who were intrigued by the traditional yet pioneering training these aspiring nannies received.

But, from deciding on the right family to join to searching for the perfect nanny agency to represent them, the Norland graduates had many challenges to take on after the series went off air. So, where are the Norland Nannies now?

Nannies for Royals and the Rich

If you followed the programme about Norland College, you will have certainly learned of the royal aspirations that can be achieved at the elite school. Norlanders have a long history of royal employment, with Nurse Beatrice Todd being the first of their graduates to gain stately employment working for the family of Prince Henry of Prussia in 1902.

Today, Norland students care for Queen Victoria’s family six generations along – so clearly they were impressed with the school’s esteemed service! Indeed, the school trained their students in aspects of life that would be of particular value to a high-profile family, including self-defence, getaway driving skills and how to avoid paparazzi.

More recently, Norlanders have cared for the children of famous names such as Princess Anne and Mick Jagger, as well as the owners of brands such as Cadbury, Debenhams and Colmans! And, of course, Norland alumnus Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo has recently been in the public eye since being hired as the nanny for none other than Prince George and Princess Charlotte themselves!


However, not every Norlander wants to be in the spotlight during their caregiving career. Norland was founded by teacher Emily Ward in 1892, and now one of the most popular career paths for Norland graduates (besides becoming a Norland Nanny) is teaching.

With extensive experience working with children and a BA Hons in Early Years Development as part of their course, Norland nannies are perfect candidates for the world of education. Many graduates report relishing the challenge of the dynamic job role, which the thorough training of Norland College more than prepares them for. In fact, Claire Burgess, Norland’s own Early Years Consultant, trained at the college herself before returning to lecture there.

Nannying Around the World

Nannying is a unique profession within the world of childcare in that it offers huge scope for travel across the globe. Norland Nannies have taken up posts around the world, as well as working for families who regularly travel and take them along. In a blog post from their website, one graduate describes her experiences of temporary nanny posts, where she “sailed around Italy on a super yacht” before eventually taking up a permanent post in New York. The world really is your oyster!

Expert Child Ski Instructors

Training in childcare opens up far more opportunities than you might think. Many professions have specialist areas in youth-specific expertise, and working as a nanny has given many Norland graduates the edge needed to offer just this specialism. Some Norlanders even become specialist child ski instructors as a result of their training!

Nursery Managers

For the entrepreneurially-minded student, childcare management is the perfect career path.  One of Norland’s Board of Directors, Julia Gaskell, has forged a prosperous career as the owner and manager of a nursery which is rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. Perfect for families who are looking for just a couple of hours of care each day, in a sociable setting, nurseries provide an appealing alternative for those without the regal budget. And that’s exactly where trained nannies such as Julia can find their niche and engage in a successful business career.

Maternity Nurses

Many nanny training facilities such as Norland include mandatory first aid certificate training as part of their courses, to ensure that every student knows how to help a child in their care if health issues were to arise. This, paired with their caregiving expertise through the Norland Diploma and knowledge of the needs of young children through the bachelor’s degree, provides fruitful groundings for a career in the healthcare paediatrics sector. Many Norland graduates have gone on to be maternity nurses and neonatal nurses, keeping young people around the world safe and cared for.

Flying Nannies!

For the Norlander with a case of wanderlust, there is no better pursuit than becoming a flying nanny! Since 2013, the college has collaborated with Etihad Airways in the United Arab Emirates to train cabin crew as ‘flying nannies’. This means that these airbound caregivers can support families with children during long haul flights, from settling children to sleep to keeping them entertained during long flights. Having trained over 1,300 flying nannies, Norland enrols these candidates jointly with the Etihad training team to learn how to make families’ flight experiences “a little bit more relaxing and enjoyable”. And, of course, the flying nannies get to travel the world in the process!

With so many career choices and a helpful profile boost through their starring TV roles, it’s no wonder that the Norland Nannies are going on to do such exciting things! But of course, these opportunities are all available to every nanny. So, if you’re planning on pursuing a career in childcare, these futures could be yours, too!

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