Private chefs are the secret to dinner party success

Private chef

Image Credit: Chrisda ( / CC BY)

The secret to hosting a truly successful dinner party is in hiring a private chef, according to a recent article in The Standard. In the piece, Rosamund Urwin explains that, despite her best efforts as a solo host, the pressure of pleasing her guests overwhelmed every occasion until she decided to enlist professional private household staff.

“The stress of feeding friends gets to me. The pressure makes me underperform”, she says. Rosamund advocates outsourcing as a tactic, allowing dinner parties to purely be enjoyable celebrations.

Indeed, as she points out, dinner parties have seen something of a resurgence in the past few years, which the popularity of TV shows such as Come Dine with Me suggest. Cooking is once more becoming something that people want to do, a hobby and a social activity.

However, the reality of cooking for a group can be markedly less glamorous than the likes of Nigella Lawson make it appear. As Rosamund admits, “part of the reason caterers now do private dining is that modern life is stressful enough without the blood-pressure-raising moment your soufflé collapses.”

Why hire a private chef?

There is little point to hosting a special celebration if you aren’t able to spend any of the time with the guests who have made an effort to visit you – and if all you’ll remember of your dinner party is how frustrating it was trying to make that stew look worthy of gracing the tables of fine dining restaurants, maybe it’s time to think of a new approach.

Such issues won’t be a problem with the support of your own highly trained private chef. Every dish will be brought straight to you and your guests, beautifully presented and delectable. A private chef will expertly tailor their service to your preferences, either maintaining an unobtrusive distance or engaging with your guests, explaining what each course consists of and where the ingredients were sourced.

Perhaps most appealingly of all for many is that a private chef will even wash up and clean meticulously after they have finished serving food, leaving your kitchen spotless. With exclusive restaurant-quality food, fantastic service and a sparkling kitchen – all without you having to lift a finger – it’s clear why personal chefs are quickly becoming the first choice for any dinner party.

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