Handy apps for household staff

Healthy cooking

While household staff are expected to be organised at all times, there are a few apps that can make things easier. Whether you need inspiration for healthy meals or ideas for activities, downloading a few free and helpful apps can take the stress out of some daily tasks.


It’s now fairly common for household staff to be required to cook healthy meals for families. With the rise of clean eating and vegetarian/vegan diets, it’s important to keep your meals varied and to bookmark a few recipes for fussy children. Award-winning magazine and website EatingWell has an app for “fast, easy and delicious recipes” which even allows you to save recipes and ingredients lists for when you go food shopping. Healthy in a Hurry is available for free on iOS and Android.

Kids Craft Ideas

For nannies in need of inspiration for creative activities, Kids Craft Ideas is an incredibly useful app. As well as browsing vibrant galleries of craft examples, you can share your own with others. The app is particularly helpful for seasonal craft ideas and will keep children busy for hours. So you’ll be prepared to get creative for Christmas, Halloween and Easter.


This app is designed to help you find recipes tailored to certain health needs. Whether you’re dealing with a picky eater in the family or someone with a food intolerance, Yummly matches over 1 million recipes to your cooking lifestyles. You can add entire recipes to your shopping list and save your favourites, so you’ll never be without inspiration for a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian meal.

Those working as private household staff should aim to keep up to date with the latest health food trends and seek inspiration for new and exciting ideas for activities. That way you will continue to discover new ways to put your skills to use.

Image credit: Tim Sackton

Warning over misleading sun cream labels for kids

Sun cream

A nanny in Manchester has warned parents and household staff to check UV ratings of sun creams and not just the factor. Carly King shared a post on Facebook when a child she cared for caught the sun while wearing a brand with factor 50+ but with low UV protection.

King also spoke to a friend whose little girl had been sunburned at a nursery and was not aware she had to check the UV ratings. According to Manchester Evening News, King said in her post: “I’ve seen so many people say ‘I used factor 50+ and my child is pink/red etc! When buying sun cream PLEASE make sure you check the UVA star guide! Ambre Solaire being one of the good ‘brands’ deemed very high protection at 3*** and a £7 bottle, but Asda own brand at £3 is 5*****.”

The nanny said she was disappointed that she’d bought into “trusted quality brands” but felt let down. King added: “The boy I nanny for was outside for 25 mins in 22 degrees! I covered him in cream every half hour and half hour before he goes out! Children burning whilst using spf 50+ shouldn’t be happening!”

Explaining why she posted this, King told M.E.N’s Manchester Family: “I was in Asda looking at sun cream for myself to take on holiday and on the phone to my friend who I mentioned. I was beginning to notice how misleading some of the sun screens actually are. I’d researched best cream for children in the UK to find one for the little boy at work.”

King went on to explain that she only became aware of the UVA/UVB ratings during her previous role at a company selling health products. She added: “Being a nanny I thought it would be a good idea to raise awareness and hopefully help others realise what to look for.”