Nanny college looking for families to offer trainee placements

Nanny with child in garden

Norland College is looking for families to send their student nannies on trainee placements.

Norland College in Bath is renowned the world over for producing top quality nannies and ready-to-work staff for private households. Their graduates receive the education and qualifications needed to set them off on their childcare careers – ready to help out families across the country.

But before they get to take on the world’s most prestigious nanny jobs, Norland is looking for local families to send their students for placements.

After all, theoretical training can only get you so far. Real world experience is a fundamental ingredient that must be added to the mix, regardless of one’s chosen career.

The Placement

Norland took in a record number of students during this academic year and now requires more families with whom to place its student nannies. Speaking to the Bath Chronicle, the college said:

“We’ll be sending our students out to family homes for six-week blocks from January 2018 so that students can gain experience and pick up valuable skills based on the theory they’ve learnt.”

Norland has said that it would rather place nannies within local families as household staff are a useful service for the community.

For families that would like to welcome one of Norland’s finest into their homes, they must have two or more children under the age of three, and at least one of those children would need to be at home in the Bath area between Mondays and Thursdays.

The families involved would also be required to complete timesheets and fill in appraisals, helping Norland to keep track of their students’ progress.

For families that qualify and that would like to give the nannies of the future the start they need, contact Norland by email at, providing your details and children’s ages.


Nannies as essential as “water and air” says mum of two

A mother of two has admitted to relying on four nannies to look after her two kids.

Employing nannies and specialist household staff to help look after children is something many parents depend on, ensuring that their children have the care and attention that they so dearly need.

One mum who couldn’t agree more and fully appreciates the virtues of such services is Natalia Nikulina (37), who has said that the four nannies she employs to look after her two children are as essential to her as “water and air”.

Four nannies

Hiring four nannies herself, Natalia has all her bases covered. First there is the weekday nanny who collects Natalia’s two and three-year-old sons from day care, takes them off to the playground for a few hours of fun, cooks them dinner at home, and then puts them to bed, according to the New York Post.

Next come the weekend nannies, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. Her children’s nannies will at times be on duty for up to 12 hours a day, and just to make sure there are no nanny related emergencies, there is always a fourth nanny on call.

Natalia works full-time as a clinical social worker and is married to a full-time city employee.

“I love my children,” Natalia says, “but I’m not embarrassed to say the nannies are not just to provide child care when I’m at work - they provide mental rest for me [when I am at home] as well.

“I don’t see any way around it - [otherwise] I lose my mind, and then I can’t work. [Having extra help is] a must - water, air and nannies.”

But Natalia makes sure to note that when the nannies are working she isn’t just relaxing with her feet up:

“When I’m with the nanny, I’m never relaxing - if the nanny is with the kids, I’m cleaning up.”

We can’t all be in Natalia’s position of affording four nannies to help take care of our children, but those that do employ household help will understand just how essential the service can be.

Image Credit: Colin Maynard