Three Great Reasons to Visit a Spa

Three Great Reasons to Visit a Spa

Spa treatment has long been seen as a luxury treat and one that many people are hesitant to enjoy. The benefits, however, are numerous and a trip to the spa really is an excellent way to boost your everyday wellbeing. This article takes a look at a few of the great reasons to visit a spa to give you an overall idea of why a trip really does offer something for everyone. Continue reading

Sheffield centenarian relives singing days at his 100th Birthday Party

Sheffield centenarian relives singing days at his 100th Birthday PartyFor many of us, old age is a period that we look forward to giving us plenty of time to fulfil goals and aspirations which couldn’t be accomplished while in a full time job, whilst also relaxing and putting our feet up.

Reaching 100 years old is a fantastic achievement for anyone, so when Joseph Trigg from Sheffield reached the milestone earlier this month, his extended family pushed the boat out to ensure he had a party worth remembering. A great, great grandfather, Joseph is a well-known figure in the city, having spent years captivating audiences on the Sheffield club scene in his youth, gaining a particularly reputation for his fantastic rendition of the Woody Woodpecker Song. His family enlisted the services of an entertainer to play some of his favourite songs, the perfect method to help him relive his singing days. Continue reading

Man publishes first novel aged 81

Alongside complete freedom, one thing that retirement brings you is a lot of extra time. With your life once filled with work and day-to-day tasks, it is understandable that certain duties do get shelved when you have a little extra time. With none of these commitments, you are now free to do whatever you want, so why not do something you have always dreamed of? This is exactly what Srikumar Sen did, publishing his first book at 81 years old. Continue reading

Italian Olympic Rowing team call in 72 year-old coach for success

As we get older, many of us like to relax and unwind, taking a step back from the hectic atmosphere of the working world and enjoying the tranquillity of life at home with family and those closest to you. This certainly isn’t the case for 72 year old Guiseppe La Mura, however, who is hard at work motivating the Italian rowing team in preparation for the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro,Brazil. Continue reading

Tips for Restoring Old Marble Gravestones

 Marble headstones have long been a popular choice, with the material offering both the practicality of being hardwearing and being desirable due to its visual appearance. Gravestones from AK Lander made from the material do discolour overtime however and an extended period of weathering can result in the need for cleaning. This blog takes a look at a few simple tips for cleaning a marble headstone.

1. Cleaning solutions

The best option for a cleaning solution is a good non-ionic detergent, heavily diluted with warm water. Getting a sprayer is a good idea too as it makes it easy to apply the solution to the headstone. You’ll want to saturate the surface you’re cleaning, and it’s important to keep it wet to avoid soap streaks.

2. Scrubbing the headstone

When it comes to scrubbing and wiping the grime off, you’ll want to use a plastic scraper to remove the loose material and a soft-bristled scrub brush to shift the harder stains. Scrubbing in a circular motion helps avoid leaving unwanted marks on the stone and gives a better finish.

3. Protecting the cleaned headstone

Once you’ve finished the cleaning it’s worth applying a thin layer of calcium hypochlorite to the surface. The chemical is used as a biocide and helps prevent growth of mould or mildew. You’ll want to scrub the agent onto the stone, let it soak in for a while, then rinse off.

If you really want the beast results, however, it’s often best to get in the experts. Professional services are able to make a headstone look like new and if it’s beyond repair they can help advise on replacements.


Norman Rowland retires after an incredible 65 years of work

As we get older, one of the main things that we want to keep is our quality of life free from any injuries, not letting things like back pain or arthritis to stop us from doing the things that we want them to do. Although most of us look forward to this during their retirement, 82-year-old Norman Rowland wanted to use his good health to keep doing what he loves best – his job. Continue reading

Universities Ranked by Reputation

The world’s universities have been ranked in a new league table based on their reputation. Harvard University in the US comes out top of the league while the UK’s highest placing is third with Cambridge.

The Times Higher Education magazine created the list based on the views of 13,000 international academics.

US universities scored well in the list with seven universities in the top 10 while the UK saw two universities appear with Oxford coming in at seventh, Tokyo University completed the list coming in at eighth.

The top are as follows:

1. Harvard, USA


3. Cambridge, England

4. California, Berkeley, USA

5. Stanford, USA

6. Oxford, England

7. Princeton, USA

8. Tokyo, Japan

9. Yale, USA

10. California Institute of Technology, USA

For those leaving further education in Northampton this list and the fuller top 100 list might help students decide on which universities to apply for. Choosing which university can be a tricky thing to decide so list such as this are a great way to guide students. Editor of the Times Higher Education magazine Phil Baty said “In an ever more competitive global market… a university’s reputation for academic excellence is crucial.”

This list though it doesn’t necessarily give the full picture. The list is based purely on reputation rather than academic achievement and while the reputation of a university amongst academics is important and can be a good indicator reputations can easily and quickly be damaged, certainly more so than academic success.

Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeship Week has nothing to do with Lord Alan Sugar and his band of business wannabies, this is a week to celebrate the nations apprentices and to inspire thousands of young people to take up an apprenticeship in the future.

This year’s Apprenticeship Week takes place 7th to 11th February and will see events run right across the country to highlight the high level of skill that British apprentices obtain. The events will include employer networking opportunities as well as the culmination of the 100 apprentices in 100 days scheme which has seen regions across the country try to attract 100 young people in to apprenticeships and 100 days.

Semta, the skills council for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies, are supporting this years Apprenticeship Week.

Last years Apprenticeship Week saw employers and youth organisation up and down the country hosting a number of events. The likes of the NHS and other large employers took part showcasing potential opportunities for young people as well as smaller local firms who are great supporters of the scheme. Leading figures from the world of business and politics, such as Ken Livingstone, also gave talks about the importance of apprentices to the UK economy and the wealth of talent we have in this country.

Local colleges too are showing their support for apprentices in their area. The like of Northampton College who provide apprenticeships in Northampton offer a wide range of course to choose with everything from Accounting to vehicle repair covered. Apprenticeship are seen by many as a great way for young people to learn valuable skills that employers are looking for. Such skills will make employment opportunities that much easier in the future.

Tips for Winter Walking

For many of us winter weather represents travel chaos and a whole lot of hassle, yet for some a frosty morning or a snow covered hill represents a great opportunity for fun and adventure.

Many people love walking and hiking in the winter months due to the winter wonderland our countryside turns into. While this time of year can be great for walking it can also provide plenty of problems so there are a few things you should do to keep yourself safe and warm.

When wrapping up warm it always best to wear plenty of layers. Wrapping up in layers of country clothing makes it far easier to control your temperature than wearing just a few thick layers.

Wear sensible boots that are up to the job. They should provide plenty of grip as well as keeping your feet dry and warm.

Hats and gloves are vital pieces of clothing when out and about in the cold weather. A person can lose up to 70% of their body heat through their head so wearing a good warm hat will help reduce this. You might also want to take a spare pair of gloves in case your pair become wet.

With light levels low at this time of year and sun setting early it’s sensible to keep a torch and some spare batteries in your back pack to help lighten your way home.

If you are lucky enough to have a smart phone you should download some of the many useful weather apps to help keep you up to date on the latest weather conditions. If you don’t have a smart phone check the weather online or tune in to your local radio station to find out what the day’s weather will have in store. Remember though the weather can change quickly so keep your eyes on the skies and head home at the first sign of bad weather.

Let other people know where and when you will be walking just in case the worse should happen.

Most of all have fun and enjoy your time in our beautiful winter wonderland.