Guide to Full-Time Learning at Northampton College

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It’s just a matter of months before thousands will be enrolling in one of the many full time courses in Northampton College.  Here they provide a great video that shows you what you can expect from your college experience. The video is also useful for those who are taking their GCSEs and are deciding on their future in further education.

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More celebs and Psychics

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A while ago I blogged about a whole host of celebrities that called on Psychic Mediums to help give them some direction and insight into their future: Cheryl Cole, Jordon and Alexander McQueen were just some of them.

Well, it seems that Cheryl is still consulting with her Professional Psychic. Having known her Psychic for ten years after his details were given to her by her Mum, she now entrusts her Psychic with her inner most troubling problems she has to face. Her Psychic has not only been there for her professionally but as a friend too, attending her and Ashley’s star studded wedding back in 2006. He is part of ‘Team Cheryl’ and is someone she trusts and values his opinion.

It seems that even the biggest of Hollywood stars are the most spiritual too. A certain Mr. Brad Pitt has been visiting his trusted Psychic since 2005 when he started filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It just so happens that this is the time he and Angelina Jolie embarked on their relationship, or certainly when the first sparks flew that’s for sure.

Brad consults his Psychic in times of need and when he is struggling with a problem and needs some guidance to the right decision, which is just like how any other person consults a Psychic for a reading. It is reassuring to know that despite how much money someone may have, they still have to deal with the same indecisions, uncertainties and curveballs life throws at us and every now and then, we all need a little bit of help.

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More Unusual Burials

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On the last blog post I talked about some different forms of burial/cremation which are a far cry from the traditional coffin in a graveyard with memorial headstones placed in remembrance. You could be rocketed up into space or dropped into the bottom of the sea, you could go out with a bang as part of an extravagant firework display or you could be part of someone else forever by becoming a diamond ring which they wear everyday.

There are of course some more weird and wonderful ways to go. Why not choose to have your body dissolved in lye, a corrosive alkaline substance, which will turn your body into a brownish liquid that smells like ammonia. Sound nice? No, but this is a very environmentally friendly process and whilst the result means you could literally be poured down the drain, you would be helping save the world. Currently only two places in America are doing this, which is really no surprise.

How about being turned into a pencil? All of your ashes could be made into a 240 pencil set with each pencil being stamped with your name on. Only one pencil can be taken out at any time and then sharpened back into the box, once all the pencils are used and have been sharpened back into the box then the box is transformed into an urn. This gives a whole new meaning to upcycling!

For art lovers out there, then you could have your ashes turned into a big portrait of you so loved ones will get to be reminded of you every day. Combining your ashes with a special oil paint, a professional artist will create a one of a kind portrait of you.

I still think I’ll opt for a burial in a graveyard with a granite memorial. What do you think?

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Famous Statues

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Statues have been built the world over in memorial to famous figures in history. The first statue dates back to between 22, 000 BC to 21,000 BC. In the UK there are famous statues in London that tourists flock to see every year. Amongst these are:

  1. Nelson’s Column: This monument famously stands in Trafalgar Square and is in honour of Admiral Nelson who died during the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Nelson’s statue stands on a 46 metre granite memorial column.  Nelson himself stands at 5.5 metres. The monument was designed by a British architect in 1838 and was built for £47, 500 which is the equivalent of £3.5 million today.
  2. The Duke of York Column: This monument was built in 1834 to commemorate Prince Frederick, Duke of York. The Duke was the Commander in Chief of the British Army and is most notably remembered in the nursery rhyme ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. He died in 1827 and the whole of the British Army sacrificed one day’s wages to pay for the statue.
  3. Monument to the Great Fire of London: Not all monuments have been built to commemorate a certain person. This monument, which stands at 61.57 metres is the tallest monument in the world and was built in remembrance for all the people that lost their lives in the 1666 Great Fire of London.

Statues have been made from all sorts of different materials from Granite to Marble and Stone to Bronze and have all had attention and memorial care given to them to preserve and protect at certain stages over the years.

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Celebs call on Psychics too

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Psychics have been using their powers longer than I dare to calculate and whilst there is always controversy, scepticism and debate that surrounds this subject, there is no denying that the services offered by Psychics, from Psychic Readings to Tarot Readings, are called upon by people from all walks of life.

Known celebrities that have called upon Psychics to help with their lives and give insights into their future are the late Alexander McQueen, who struggled once his mentor and close friend died, closely followed by his mother. Katie Price, aka Jordon, who has famously consulted Psychics over the years in relation to everything from advice on her career to suitability of men, marriage issues, fertility problems and any future insights that she could act on.

The latest to consult a Psychic is the nation’s sweetheart, Cheryl Cole. The trials and tribulations of her marriage have been aired to the world since she wed Ashley Cole and recently it has been in the spotlight again. The nation has been on tenterhooks to see whether she will take the love rat back but it seems, for Cheryl, the answer isn’t so easy. The poor star has been seeking regular advice from a Psychic over the last few months in regards to what is the best thing to do with her three year marriage.

It just goes to show that no amount of money will bring complete happiness and you’ll still, unfortunately, sometimes struggle to face every dilemma and drama life throws at you. In which case, turning to a trusted professional psychic may just be the right sort of professional you need.

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Messages from the Grave

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Technology moves at such a speed that it is hard to keep up. No industry or avenue is overlooked, even peaceful graveyards and cemeteries are setting a new trend in America, but whether this will catch on is another question. The latest high tech device to be designed by a company promises to effectively communicate from Gravestones. A small tablet that is embedded with radio frequency identification tags can store up to 1, 000 words and a picture and can be transmitted to anyone who has a web enabled mobile phone. The visitor of the grave can receive words left via a text message when the tag recognises the compatible technology on the visitor’s phone.

The device has been designed for anyone that is in a position where they may be planning their funeral and personal messages to leave. The device allows the deceased be able to plan out special messages to their loved ones from beyond the grave which can be communicated through the headstones once gone.

What’s more, the company that has designed the device claim this technology will be able to send messages for an impressive 3, 200 years, years after anyone will have ever known the deceased in question. The ability to do this is down to the device using internal microchips, rather than batteries, that pick up a magnetic field of a passerby’s phone which allows it enough time to power up and communicate the pre-programmed message.

To many, the thought of this device is not appealing but there has been a flood of enquiries, and whilst there is a percentage of people that will always dismiss new technologies, the reality is technology plays more of an integral role in every industry, including the funeral industry. This could yet prove to be a development that just becomes part of the everyday ‘memorial headstones’ you see around, despite it being a bit ‘out there’ now. Watch this space.

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Revision Tips

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For many millions of students across the UK the Easter holidays signals the beginning of exam season and starts with exam and revision timetables being drawn up

To help you with your revision Northampton College have listed some handy revision tips

1. Make sure your revision area has everything you need such as food and drink so you don’t have to keep getting up and stopping your revision.

2. Always think positively. Decide what you want to achieve in the first ten minutes of your revision and concentrate on achieving this goal. After ten minutes of revision you can reward yourself with a ten minute break. Stick to this rule, and gradually increase the time you spend revising and reduce the length of your breaks.

3. During your revision break it is best to leave your work area completely. During this break you should relax and give your brain a rest, when you resume your revising keep all distractions away from your work area, by having things such as the TV turned off.

4. Be prepared and organise your revision timetable alongside your exam timetable.

5. Cover several subject areas during your revision sessions beginning with the subjects you least enjoy so you don’t end up skipping them altogether.

6. Answer questions from previous exam papers.

7. The night before the exam check to make sure you have all the equipment you will need and check what will be supplied to you by the School or College

8. Check your exam timetable to make sure you don’t have two exams at the same time!

9. Do not cram in revision the night before.

10. In the exam room stay focus on what you need to do. Try taking some sugary sweets to help boost your energy during the exam.

11. Read all the instructions and every question very carefully and allocate time depending on the mark given to each question. For example if one question carries 20 marks and another has 10 marks, you should allocate twice as long to the 20 mark question than the 10 mark question.

12. If you are running out of time do not panic, you can still be given points by writing notes on how you would have answered the question.

13. Once the exam is over, do not worry, there is nothing more you can do. Now is the time to look towards the next exam and remember - keep positive!

To everyone revising for A levels in Northampton and everywhere else in the country, all the very best of luck!

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A Guide to Watersports in Cornwall

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Cornwall is fast getting a reputation as the watersports capital of the UK and with lakes, coves, rugged cliffs, and over 300 beaches it’s easy to see why. Next time you are staying in a Holiday Cottage in Cornwall why not take a break from the traditional Cornish holiday pursuits and give some watersports ago.

Kayaking is a popular watersport in Cornwall as it is a great way to explore the beautiful Cornish coastline and discover some hidden away beaches.

Canoeing is very similar to kayaking, in fact many people don’t know the difference between the two yet it’s very easy to tell the two apart once you know how to check. In a canoe you will either sit or kneel and use a paddle with a single blade at one end. In a kayak you will sit and use a paddle with a blade at wither end. Canoes are more suited to calm waters such as rivers and lakes making them ideal to explore Cornwall’s river valleys and waterways.

If you are an avid One Show viewer or were simply inspired by Christine Blakely’s recent waterski challenge then you might want to try it out for yourself. Thankful though you won’t have quite such a tough time of it has Christine as you will get to waterski along Cornwall’s beautiful coast rather than straight across the world busiest shipping lane.

There are so many other great watersports to choose from with windsurfing, waveskiing and of course surfing to name just a few. It doesn’t matter either if you are a watersports veteran or a complete novice as there a number of centres located right around Cornwall who can teach you all the basics as well as lend you equipment. so the next time your in Cornwall why not try something a bit different and give watersports ago.

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Possible Interview Questions

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You have poured through the recruitment adverts and have finally found a suitable job, now you have to face the tricky task of getting through the interview. Job interviews can be a potential stumbling block for anyone so it’s always a good idea to practice your interview technique, not only will it help you prepare it will also give you a well timed confidence boost.

Here are some potential interview questions to help you practice.

  • What do you consider your greatest weakness?
  • What do you consider your greatest strength?
  • Describe your typical work week.
  • Do you take work home with you?
  • How many hours a week do you normally work?
  • How would you describe the pace at which you normally work?
  • How do you deal with stress and pressure?
  • What is your motivation?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • What decisions do you find are the most difficult to make?
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What has been the greatest disappointment in your life?
  • What are you passions in life?
  • What annoys you most?
  • What do most people criticize you for?
  • When was the last time you were angry? And what caused it?
  • If you could relive your life, what would you do differently?
  • If your friends and family were asked why you should be hired, what would they say?
  • Do you prefer to work on a team or independently?
  • Give some examples of teamwork you have been involved in.
  • What sort of work environment do you prefer?
  • How do you evaluate success and failure?
  • If your boss is 100% wrong about something how would deal with it?
  • Describe a difficult situation or project at work and how you overcame it.
  • Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you managed it.

Good luck!

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Gravestone Symbolism

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Gravestones have been used for centuries to mark the dead, prehistoric would use rocks and sticks but over the years this developed into elaborate and showy memorials for those who could afford them. With the ability to carve stone brought the use of all manner of symbols for the dead and it is quite fascinating looking into the meanings.

Whilst gravestones these days tend to be simple semi circular topped, rounded, pointed arched, gabled or square with the inscription of choice, it was in the 18th century that Gravestones were really elaborate and were often decorated with symbolic reminders of death such as cherubs, skulls, heavenly crowns or picks and shovels for the grave. Forms of simple decoration on Gravestones look like it is making a comeback with special emblems and themes used being familiar across many faiths. But what do these symbols mean?

Some of the more obvious symbols like the Dove (Purity, love and the holy spirit), Heart (Devotion), Horseshoe (Protection against evil) and Star of David (The God) are widely known by most. However, the more obscure might not be as well understood, a shell means birth and resurrection, Peacock means eternal life, Hourglass represents time and its swift flight, a Lamp means immortality and a triangle means Truth, Equality and Trinity. If you see a Lamb it will symbolize Innocence, this symbol is often used when the young pass away, and the same can be said for a Broken Column, which symbolizes early death. Symbols relating to relationships can be a hand, meaning a relation or partnership, an Arch, rejoined with a partner in Heaven or my favourite, the Ivy which means faithfulness, memory, and undying friendship.

Next time you visit a cemetery, you may notice the symbols on each Grave Stone a bit more and appreciate the meaning of why they are on the grave, it can be very humbling.

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