Funeral Customs part 3

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Fancy hearing some more bizarre funeral rituals that go beyond a traditional burial with marble headstones?

Jewish mourners will take part in a mourning ritual known as ‘sitting shiva’. This is where friends and family will go to the Shiva house and mourn for 7 days. A candle will be lit and all mirrors will be covered so they can concentrate on the mourning. This occurs immediately after the body is buried.

Hindu’s today will make their final pilgrimage to die in the city of Banaras on the Ganges River. This is where it is believed the cycle of death is broken and the soul will ascend to the world of their ancestors – Pitriloka. Over 80 funeral pyres are present along the river so the dead can be cremated although often this isn’t possible and the dead bodies will simply float down the river.

Some African tribes would fire spears and arrows over the dead to ward of evil spirits, these days a rifle is shot over the deceased and this is to mirror the age old practice.

In Japan, when a nobleman died, a whopping twenty to thirty slaves would be made to commit Hari Kari (the process of belly cutting) as a sign of respect. Friends and wives along with slaves would even be strangled in Fiji to honour the deceased.

In some areas of China they believe that the more people that attend your funeral and stand over your headstones the more luck will be bestowed on your relatives. The Chinese have even gone as far as hiring strippers to the after tears party in order for the whole event to be more popular.

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Funeral Customs part 2

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In the last blog I spoke about a few funeral customs that are a tad different to our traditional memorial in a church, burial with Gravestones and then wake to follow.

In some cultures men and women are treated entirely differently when it comes to what happens when they die. The Bongas buried men with their faces to the North whilst women faced the South. The Ghonds buried their women but cremated their men and the Cochieans buried their women and suspended their men from trees.

Before 1829 in Hindu India, a widow was considered useless without her husband so was expected to lie next to him and be cremated alive. The ritual known as Sati was believed to give the woman a free passage to heaven and purify her. It was abolished, however even as late as 1981; a recorded Sati occurred with an 18 year old widow.

The Greek historian Herodotus claimed that the Calatians ate their own dead believing it to be a sacred duty of the family. Queen Artemisia is said to have even mixed the ashes of her lover with wine and drunk it.

Fantasy coffins are becoming increasingly popular in Ghana. Coffins are being carved into everything from airplanes to motor cars, cigarettes to bottles of beer. I wonder what they would do to headstones given half a chance.
Closer to home, in the Scottish highlands the deceased would be buried with a little salt and soil which would be placed on their chest. The soil was symbolic of the body decaying and becoming one with earth whilst the salt represented the soul which never decays or dies.

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Funeral Customs part 1

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In England, our funeral customs are fairly traditional. Either a burial or cremation takes place. If a burial occurs, the body is left in the ground peacefully often with memorial gravestones at the head for respect. With cremations, the body is given back to the family in an urn for them to do as they wish. Other cultures and countries have some slightly more bizarre customs.

In Tibet, Buddhists believe that when you die, your soul leaves your body so the body is no longer needed to be respected or cared for. They choose to give the body back to the land by dismembering the body and leaving it high on a rock for the vultures to eat.

In Northern Vietnam the bodies are buried in the back garden of the deceased family but only after two years of it being buried in a paddy field. The body is then dug up, the bones cleaned and then re buried in the garden.

In ancient Rome, the eldest male relative would make sure he caught the last breath of the dying person.

In Madagascar, they have ceremonies called Famadihana. This is where they dig up the dead, parade the bones around the village and then in a new shroud bury the remains. The old shroud is then given to childless newlyweds who should place it on their bed to help with fertility.

There are many more so check out the next blog. It certainly makes our funeral customs and UK Gravestones seem a nice, safe choice.

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Psychic Abilities in Animals

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It is a well known fact that some animals can sense changes that are undetectable to humans. Often, people suffering from severe epilepsy will have a dog as they will start to warn their owners of an imminent seizure. In one study, out of 60 dogs, 15% were able to consistently detect imminent seizures.

A cat called Oscar made headlines recently in America by successfully predicting the deaths of residents in a nursing home. He would curl up with the patients during their final hours and a total of 50 deaths were accurately predicted using his Psychic Mediums ability.

Other animals that have been used for help over years are canaries which were taken down into mine shafts well into the 20th century to help detect any signs of toxic gas build up. Snakes are thought to be able to predict disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes due to sensing atmospheric changes or earth vibrations. For centuries cows have been thought to predict when the rain is coming and will lie down in the fields prior to the downpour and ground hogs in America are thought to be even better predictors of the weather. On the 2nd Feb each year when they leave their burrows, whatever the weather is doing is a sign of how long winter will stay.

Domestic animals such as dogs and cats are often thought to have a sixth sense or a Psychic ability and will pick up on any ghostly happenings in a home, often barking when they hit a certain point in the house or refusing to go into a particular room.

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A Psychic Octopus and Champion Hunting Dog

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Help from animals in predicting the future has been used for centuries and dates back to the practice of extispicy by ancient Roman, Greek and Babylonian civilisations. The practice involved using any anomalies found in animal entrails and things like unusually high levels of blood were thought of as warning signs of a worldly disaster.

It seems using animals to predict the future is as common and widely used today and mostly with animals that are alive. An octopus in Germany called Paul is thought to be a Psychic, successfully predicting every Germany result in the games that they played in the World Cup this year in South Africa. The two year old eight legged octopus was given a choice of two containers, both containers had food in for him, but also displayed the German Flag on one and their opponent’s flag on the other. Whichever container he chose would be the winning country in that match.  The length of time he chose to make his decision was also taken into account, the longer he took to choose, the closer the results of the game was. This Psychic Medium octopus correctly predicted every single Germany match in the tournament!

Other animals have been used for help over the years to successfully predict certain scenarios; in 1930 a champion hunting dog, Jim managed to follow instructions in shorthand and Morse code whilst also successfully predicting the winners of seven Kentucky Derbies along with the sex of unborn babies.

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Are you a Psychic?

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You may have experienced an overwhelming amount of coincidences over the years that you put down to just that, coincidence. You may have been told time and again ‘You’ve read my mind’ or ‘how on earth did you know that?’ and you just shrug your shoulders and put it down to chance. If this sound like you then you may want to consider that you could actually be a psychic.

Being Psychic doesn’t just happen to a select few; many other thousands of people have the natural abilities a Psychic needs but most are just unaware that they are Psychic. Others may be aware they have powers over and above what others do but are unsure how to harness these for the greater good.

There are so many indicators that can give you an idea whether you could be amongst the Psychic Mediums of this world. Knowing the phone is going to ring before it does, experiencing déjà vu more than most and having premonitions are all fairly good signs that you hold the abilities. Couple this with a natural mature judgement and a general interest in people and you could, with some training and guidance, become a professional psychic and help people on a day to day basis.

Of course, this role brings with it a great responsibility and will not just be a nine to five profession. Honing your skills will increase your susceptibility of insights, premonitions and your sixth sense and not all of these feelings are good, you may experience some bad images and thoughts and see things happen to people in the future that are not positive but over time you will become more at ease with these powers and good training could help you to help others.

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Predict the 2010 World Cup Winners

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If you want to know who is going to win the 2010 World Cup and, furthermore, make some money out of it then perhaps you should start smoking a vulture’s brain. I kid you not. Apparently smoking a vulture’s brain will bring you a vision of the future and help you manage a Psychic Clairvoyant Reading. The brains of the vulture are dried and then rolled into cigarettes which are smoked or alternatively inhaled as vapours.

Many are saying this age old tradition will greatly reduce numbers of vultures in parts of South Africa during this World Cup as many will attempt to become Psychic and predict the winners of the World Cup, not least so they can put a sizeable bet on to make a decent return.

The theory behind a Vultures brain being able to provide clairvoyant powers comes from the knowledge that they have acute vision and a strong ability to find prey. This, coupled with people thinking the birds have foresight is expected to cause the population of vultures to decrease around the World Cup. There are already about 1, 000 killed each year in Tanzania alone and with the heightened possibility of winning big from predicting the winning team, people are bound to give it a whirl.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa is urging people to think twice before they risk endangering the species. If you want a sounder, more reliable prediction then it would be worth contacting a professional Psychic with experience.

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Lost your pet? Contact a Psychic

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It’s a sad time when one of your beloved pet goes missing. Generally, the most common domestic pet to go AWOL is a cat, largely due to the nature of how a cat lives. Easily coming and going from their owner’s house, it is simple to see how so many do go missing each year. This is not to say it makes it any easier when it does happen. Any family pet becomes a member of the family, often becoming increasingly close to the children in the family. This makes it even harder if the pet goes missing. How do you explain this to young children and how can you possibly sit by and let go without doing anything?

Cats can wonder off, but many get stolen, especially if they are pedigree. The same can also be said for dogs. If they are stolen then who knows where they will end up. Searching the local vicinity, knocking on neighbours doors, putting ‘missing’ signs up can only get you so far, especially if your pet has been stolen, it could be 200 miles away by now.

In these instances, police have very little impact and more and more people are finding the help of a Psychic beneficial. Often giving valuable insight into where the pet may be and how it has got there, the owners feel a little reassured and have some direction to take the search. The Psychic will keep the owner informed of any development they feel through Psychic Clairvoyant Readings and other abilities and often will be pivotal in the retrieval of the missing pet.

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The benefits of a psychic reading

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Sometimes, we can all feel a little lost. Events in our life can take a turn for the worst and we may find ourselves wondering that illusive question ‘What is life all about?’ The answer to this is non definitive as it will vary greatly from one person to another. Whilst one person may be destined for a complete change in their life, whether that’s relocating, changing of careers or falling in love another may just need a little push in the right direction, one which they are already stumbling along but need some affirmation.

Many people turn to their loved ones in moments of despair looking for them to give them the big, defining answers they are looking for but this is not always the best avenue to take. Your loved ones can be too subjective and they will not necessarily put their neck out and tell you the answer due to the feelings they have for you. Also, what is the answer? What ability do they have knowing what your future holds?

This is where seeking out a reliable Psychic Reading from a professional can help you. They have unique, innate abilities that they have honed and perfected over the years and if anyone will achieve an insight into what you need to do in the near or distant future it could be a Psychic. It is often a good idea to visit the Psychic regularly to keep a check on what your future is looking like and what decisions you should be making. Of course, the ultimate decision is yours, it’s your life and you can create your own destiny, to a degree. The Psychic is a good guide to have at your side though.

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Need a Psychic Reading? Be Sure to Get a Professional

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When you’re looking to get a psychic reading there are plenty of factors that you need to take into account. Just as when you are considering taking out a loan or buying a new car, it’s important to ensure you go for a trusted and reliable professional psychic when you’re looking for a reading.

There are some people who might try to advertise their services as a psychic when they are simply using cold reading techniques, or aren’t even using any techniques at all. Luckily, these fakes are easy to spot, as you’ll find that their answers are almost always wrong. Unfortunately, it may be too late to get your money back if the reading has already begun, especially if it’s a service where you pay up front.

It’s not just the consumer who suffers from the existence of fake psychics though; they give ammunition to sceptics and damage the reputation of those who genuinely do have psychic abilities. If a true believer isn’t aware that somebody is simply faking their psychic ability then their faith could be shaken by having a run in with one of these phonies. When you consider how much good professional psychics can do by offering advice to those who need it, you really wonder how anybody could falsely claim to possess these powers.

Luckily, there are plenty of places that do have genuine psychics offering their services in a variety of ways, be they psychic telephone readings or email readings. When you contact one of these services, you’re guaranteed genuine psychics giving genuine readings.

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