How do you know if you need to cleanse your aura?

It’s a question that people new to the psychic world often find themselves asking. The workings of an aura are often communicated early on but the day to day maintenance that can help your spiritual well being is often overlooked.


Do you really need to cleanse your aura?

Cleansing of your aura is a great way of protecting yourself from negative energies in day to day life. It’s a step that most people should consider especially if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • You work in a toxic environment. A toxic environment is usually a job that has a lot of close contact with other people who harbour negative energies. So that’s, teachers, law enforcers, judges and lawyers, prison guards and hospital workers; they all fall into the most at risk category.
  • You’re suffering from an illness. Be it an illness of spirit or body it’s important to remember that at times like this your natural protection is reduced so it’s important to cleanse your aura regularly to help bolster your defenses.
  • General stressful environments. Stressful situations cause a build up of negative energies. So whenever you go through a stressful period in your life a quick cleansing can help restore calm and balance.

Cleansing is easy to do and consulting a friendly psychic medium can help you learn the needed techniques. If you’re ever in doubt of whether you need to cleanse or not though it’s worth getting a tarot reading, to give you an overview of your current psychic state.

The Difference Between Clairvoyants and Mediums

It is important to understand the differences between the different types of psychics that exist and how what they can do affects the ways in which they can help you. Of course, many individuals are able to use a number of different skills, allowing you to find one psychic that can provide you with all the different abilities you need.

However, this post will point out the differences between two major strands of psychic ability, that of psychic readings and psychic mediums. Hopefully, this will make you aware that the differences between the two are fairly simple and easy to understand and get to grips with.

First, we will address psychic readings, the result of a clairvoyant looking to the future and discovering what lies there. This is an inherent ability of this psychic, and they can do it all on their own with no external influences or help. It is part of their mind that is able to peer forwards in time and let them gain seemingly impossible knowledge.

Psychic mediums, on the other hand, have the ability to communicate with spiritual beings, be they the spirits of those who have left us and passed beyond the veil, or representations of the energy and forces that work within our own hold, or even guardian angels. They can ask these beings questions and receive answers, which allows them to discover things that are hidden to the mortal world. They can not peer into the future or discover the unknowable themselves, but they have access to those who can.

That should clear that up for you, and help you to make a decision as to what abilities you are looking for in a psychic.

Psychic Differences

When it comes to the topic of mediums, psychics and sensitives, many people assume they are all the same thing, which can obviously lead to some confusion. All three are linked and share similar traits but they all use their powers in different ways.

A Psychic tends to be the general term for someone with psychic power, which can manifest in several different ways. Some describe it as a sixth sense and it’s a power that can often be developed in certain ways. It’s also believed that each and every one of us has a psychic like to some degree, which helps explain some of the more common psychic occurrences.

A sensitive also has psychic powers, and while it may seem like it’s own power is actually just a kind of psychic power. Sensitives, as the name would suggest, use their psychic senses to gain information about people. This type of power is used in aura reading as well as some kinds of empathic healing.

Finally we have mediums. Again Mediumship is more of a sub branch of psychic powers as a whole and is generally the ability to use psychic abilities to interact with spirits. This is commonly done via some sort of connection to the spirit plane and once the connection is formed it can be strong enough for partial possession which allows for a direct communication between a spirit and someone on the physical plane.

Hopefully this little blog is enough to clear the up miss-understanding for some and if not there are plenty of sites out there where you can find more information.

How to Track Down a Psychic

Many people feel that a psychic reading would benefit them a lot and are very eager to meet with a psychic and discuss what they can do to improve their life, or get a measure of assurance that the path they have chosen is the best one for them. The problem is that a lot of people have no idea how they would go about setting up a meeting with any psychics or how to get in contact with them. This blog post is aimed at helping you to get past that and go meet a psychic.

The first way to start scouting will be to ask your friends and family if they know of any good psychics in the area. If you can get a personal recommendation about a psychic then you’re off to a good start. You’ll also be able to ask them any questions you have about the psychic, such as what to expect from the readings and what sort of services they can offer.

Another good place to look is in any alternative health or spirituality shops nearby to see if any adverts have been posted. Checking the local newspapers might reveal some adverts offering psychic services too.

Of course, if you’d rather go straight to a reliable, reputable psychic then there are telephone services or websites that will allow you to get in touch with psychics and get your reading that way. It also allows you to do so from the comfort of your own home.

Psychic Help Finding Love

Finding love is one of the more common requests from those seeking psychic help. The saying goes that finding your soul mate is your ticket to happiness and although psychics cannot tell you the exact person and time then can help you get onto the road to true love, with just a few simple steps.

First up, knowing where to look is a good start. Through psychic profiling and studying your aura a psychic can learn a lot about you, likes, dislikes and so on. Through this they can then build a picture that they can use to direct you towards people and places to look for people where you share a deeper level of compatibility with those you meet.

Next, help learning the signs. Love can be a complicated business and learning the signs to look for can be a long process. Psychic mediums can help you learn the signs that will aid you in finding the soul mate, providing the help you’ll need to form a strong relationship.

The last step is improving your attraction. We’re not talking physical looks here but your spiritual aura. Your aura can attract almost more strongly than your ‘looks’ and learning to tap into this potential can help you in attracting the right person.

These simple steps can lead to a meaningful relationship for many people suffering from love troubles, so why not end your suffering today and seek aid from a talented psychic.

My Experience with a Psychic

I’d never really thought about visiting psychics before. The most exposure to them I had was in films or on TV (and I now know that psychics are seriously misrepresented by the media). That was until my friend Adam visited one and came back much happier and confident.

Adam had been getting really worried about his finances. Ever since the credit crunch he’s been counting every penny and cutting out anything he considered frivolous. He hasn’t run into any real money trouble, but he was pretty anxious about it happening and was trying to take as many precautions as possible. It was really getting to him until he started looking into psychic readings.

His first visit to the psychic got him quite excited. He was still worried about his money situations but he’d been filled with a sense that it wasn’t as bleak as it seemed. He said that talking to somebody who could glimpse the future made you realise that things wouldn’t always be like this, and he’d started feeling much more positive about what changes time would bring.

After he’d been a few times he really seemed much less stressed about the entire situation. He came to realise that the preparations he’d made were sensible and adequate, and that he was now in a much better position than a lot of people. He wasn’t just ready for bad financial use, he was already making significant savings that he was pumping into a little nest egg.

It was this fresh perspective that amazed me. The psychic had really allowed him to see things in a new way. This sort of eye opening experience is why I’ve now booked in to see a psychic too.

Visions of the Future

Although there are many different techniques talented Psychics and Clairvoyants use to look into the future, it doesn’t mean that future visions cannot occur to those with latent psychic powers. In fact there are two common psychic abilities that can occur in anyone with latent psychic power; these are known as Precognition and Premonition.

These abilities tend to be naturally occurring, in that in the untrained can experience them without needing any ability to manifest them, and provided glimpses into the future. Although the two powers are closely linked there is a fundamental difference between them.

Precognition more or less exists as dream visions, allowing you to visit the possible futures while sleeping. Although these visions can fade quickly once you wake up they can still leave deep impressions or feelings about future events, almost a sense of ‘knowing’ that something is about to happen.

Premonitions are often described as ‘gut feelings’ and give a sense of anxiety or potential of an up coming event. These are often described as waking visions and are often fairly short term, in that they predict events about to happen rather than events further off into the future.

As with any visions of the future much of the interpreting skill comes from experience. Getting access to a talented Psychic Medium can help you de-construct a dream and unlock its deeper meanings. Precognition and Premonition are powerful abilities for those with experience and can unlock a whole world of possibilities.

Tips on Contacting Your Spirit Guides

Contacting a spirit guide for the first time can be tricky when you don’t know how. Even some Mediums have trouble performing this act as it requires total concentration to achieve. The following are a set of basics to aid you in making contact beyond the veil.

First and most importantly you need a completely distraction free environment, so find a quiet place where you’re unlikely to be distracted. Once settled make sure you’re comfortable and relax, take deep breaths and feel the tension flowing from your body.

The next stage follows a little while after entering this state of deep relaxation or meditation, you need to summon your protective aura. Imagine yourself surrounded by a protective bubble of positive energy, some find it easier to manifest this positive energy by thinking of it as a blinding white light, once this is in place you’ll repel any negative energy around you while you’re meditating.

After this is done it’s time to prepare to seek out your spirit guide. For this you need to concentrate your awareness into the area in the middle of your forehead as a psychic focus, this area is known as your third eye. This space is the area in which you may receive images from your guide.

Finally you just need to make the connection to your guide; you just need to ask your guide to make themselves known to you so that you can meet. This may take some time as any distractions will mean you’re not focused enough to contact the manifestation of your guide.

If your guide does manifest then you should either be able to see them or, if not, at least feel their presence in the room, this is when you can start to ask questions and converse with them.

A good test of if you’re speaking to your guide or not is to just ask it a question, if the answer it returns seems wise and caring then chances are it’s from your guide, if the message received doesn’t seem very inspiring chances are its just one of your own stray thoughts.

Again, don’t feel disappointed if you can’t contact your spirit guide, chances are your psychic abilities might not be strong enough and a Psychic Medium may be needed to make contact for you.

Performing Better Tarot Readings

Starting out as a new psychic performing Tarot Readings can be overwhelming. This article aims to help those who are having trouble with question readings in particular by giving some simple advice to follow.

To start with is the importance of staying neutral. It’s a hard balance to find but it’s important to keep yourself open to others opinions and for your questions not to carry any preconceived notions. The cards are there to give you guidance and having strong views on a subject will make the reading harder as it’ll be coloured by your own views.

Find the right level of focus for your questions, the question should be to the point but not overly so. For example, rather than asking ‘how can I balance my life so that I can fit in friends, the gym, work and free time’ ask ‘is there a better way to balance my time’.

Keep an open mind, if you’re sure you have an answer to the question you’re asking before you do the reading then chances are you won’t be letting the cards guide your decisions, and will instead have already made up your own mind.

Calm your thought’s, strong or emotive topics for yourself are the hardest questions to perform readings on. If needed, you can meditate before a particularly difficult reading to empty your mind of stray thoughts.

Next is the importance of staying positive. You need to ask questions in a positive light. So rather than asking why an event hasn’t happened yet it’s better to ask what you can do to trigger the event.

Finally, if the reading is a personal one, make sure the question you’re asking focuses on yourself rather than on the root cause of the problem you want a solution to. Rather than ‘why is work stressful’ it’s better to ask‘why am I finding work stressful’.

Tarot Readings are complicated to perform even for the most highly trained psychic but I hope these little bits of knowledge can help out those starting on this noble path.

Connecting to Tarot

Tarot readings are somewhat of a cornerstone in the psychic world, and many people come to this calling and their packs in different ways; this is my story.

I’d never had much of an interest in tarot itself and actually got into it because of the artwork on a box I saw in a shop. There was a beautiful image (which I later learned was the Princess of Swords) on the back of the box. As someone who has drawn most of my life, I simply had to have that deck, not necessarily to read with but to just do a study of the beautiful Princess of Swords image. I had no idea as I was buying that deck it would lead me down the path it has.

I found, much to my amazement, that I had a “psychic” connection with this deck, with very little study I had a real ‘feel’ for the cards and could read with this deck and read well. For the next 10 or so years, tarot and tarot reading would eclipse drawing as the major focus of my creative energy.

As time went on I came to see the Princess of Swords as a portrait of the Sumerian goddess Innana, and a vision of my own Guide; a fierce and uncompromising goddess of truth.

I have said more than once, a tarot reading is an opportunity to participate in a small miracle; it really is, there is no way, in the dominant Paradigm that it should work, but my experience of over 500 readings tells me it most definitely does … and that is simply a small miracle. Those small Miracles have changed me and my life.