More Tarot Card meanings.

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A few days ago I wrote about some of the more commonly known Tarot Cards and what they mean when a Tarot Reading takes place. Whilst researching the subject I got quite enthralled and decided to read some more.

The Chariot: When this card appears it’s a warning sign that we may be being pulled to pieces by forces we cannot control or understand. The card evokes questions on the paths we take and the journey we are on.

The Tower/Fire: This card is considered an ill omen, directly following the Devil in its order. It can mean failure, ruin, catastrophe or the paradigms constructed by the ego.

Wheel of Fortune: The most common interpretation to this card is the introduction to an element of change in your life. It could imply either good or bad change for example the poor becoming rich or the rich becoming poor.

The Emperor: This card symbolizes the top of the secular hierarchy. He is the ultimate male ego and rules the world. It symbolizes the desire to rule over ones surrounding. When the Emperor is appears in the spread it is generally a sign that something is needed to be overcome.

The Hermit: There are two common ways this card is interpreted in Tarot Readings. The first is the need to withdraw from the world and be comfortable in your own company. The second is to come out from isolation and share with other knowledge learned.

There are still more Tarot Cards to be interpreted so watch this space.

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Understanding the Occult Tarot Cards

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There are 78 cards in a standard deck of Tarot Cards and they have been used since the beginning of the 15th century, originally to play cards, latterly to predict all manner of spiritual pathways and life crossroads by occults specialising in Tarot Reading. To this day it is believed that over half the population believe in Psychics and premonitions, according to a recent Reader’s Digest Poll. But what do we know of the 78 cards that could be pulled from the deck to reveal something about our life?

If I were to ask you to list as many of the cards in the Tarot as you know, how many would you manage to recall? The Lovers? The Magician? Death? The Devil? Any more? Hmmm, I can’t think. Well let’s start with those then.

The Lovers:  This card is associated with the star sign Gemini and often represents raw desire. It is a card that reminds us that we need others to become fully human and that everyone we meet, from lovers to friends, can teach us and strengthens us.

The Magician:  This card often symbolizes the divine motive of man and can refer to scholarly knowledge. It is also a card that represents a journey or adventure whether chosen or thrust upon. This card points to talent and capabilities.

Death:  Fortunately this card very rarely means literal death but more an ending of a relationship or interest which leads to self awareness.

The Devil:  This is a card that represents self bondage to an idea or belief. So, if you think going out and getting drunk each night is good for you, the devil card may be drawn on your next Live Tarot Reading. It represents something that is holding you back or preventing you from growing healthily.

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Celebs call on Psychics too

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Psychics have been using their powers longer than I dare to calculate and whilst there is always controversy, scepticism and debate that surrounds this subject, there is no denying that the services offered by Psychics, from Psychic Readings to Tarot Readings, are called upon by people from all walks of life.

Known celebrities that have called upon Psychics to help with their lives and give insights into their future are the late Alexander McQueen, who struggled once his mentor and close friend died, closely followed by his mother. Katie Price, aka Jordon, who has famously consulted Psychics over the years in relation to everything from advice on her career to suitability of men, marriage issues, fertility problems and any future insights that she could act on.

The latest to consult a Psychic is the nation’s sweetheart, Cheryl Cole. The trials and tribulations of her marriage have been aired to the world since she wed Ashley Cole and recently it has been in the spotlight again. The nation has been on tenterhooks to see whether she will take the love rat back but it seems, for Cheryl, the answer isn’t so easy. The poor star has been seeking regular advice from a Psychic over the last few months in regards to what is the best thing to do with her three year marriage.

It just goes to show that no amount of money will bring complete happiness and you’ll still, unfortunately, sometimes struggle to face every dilemma and drama life throws at you. In which case, turning to a trusted professional psychic may just be the right sort of professional you need.

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Get help at home online

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Here’s an idea. What if there was a website that provided a user with recommended tradesman, handyman or any other professional to suit the job that the user required being done? Well, apparently there is! Yes, ‘what a wonderful idea’ I hear you say.

All too often we hear horror stories of people hiring someone to do a job only to find out what a cowboy they are. Shoddy, incomplete work is followed by an outrageous bill. This sad reality, unsurprisingly, fills people with dread when their boiler breaks or their garden fencing blows over in the wind. Who can they possibly phone, without recommendation from someone?

Well fortunately, there is now support in the form of the internet which offers everything from guidance on choosing the right tradesman to providing the ability to hire one. There are sites that are specifically built to offer a recommended tradesman to those in need. All that is required is that you type in the job you need doing and recommended tradesmen will contact you with quotes. These sites extend much further than offering just a plumber or electrician though, anything from homecare and nursing services to advertising and print requirements are covered.

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Consider Harnessing Psychic Power? Why not?

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Ok, for all you sceptics out there, just stop and listen for a moment. Before you shake your heads, tut, roll your eyes and say what a load of old phoney, I dare you to rid your mind of all your preconceived ideas of what a Psychic is and let yourself explore, just for a while, the possibility that the powers they have could help you.

I challenge anyone who denies that at one point in their life they have experienced Déjà Vu, felt the unyielding power of fate or had some kind of premonition. If I hear resounding No’s crying from afar, you haven’t rid your mind and you need to start again, please. Even the most ardent anti – spiritualist will have experienced that weird feeling you get from knowing ‘that’ was going to happen, the phone was going to ring, she was going to appear.

Occurrences and experiences that beyond any other reasonable explanation happen just at the time you know it will. Science, I am sure, will conjure some justification. But, that sense you have, that feeling you get must surely be part of a greater spiritual world that maybe, just maybe, cannot be explained.

Take all those incidents you experience, quadruple and then times by a hundred and that is getting close to the power of what a Psychic experiences. People blessed with these powers practice harnessing their talent to a point that they are then ready to share with others. Psychic Readings can assist anyone, but especially those that are feeling slightly bemused by their world, are at a crossroads and needs some guidance. Dare I say, these Psychics could actually benefit even the most cynical of you who, despite what you may think, are not void of feeling any of those things?

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Messages from the Grave

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Technology moves at such a speed that it is hard to keep up. No industry or avenue is overlooked, even peaceful graveyards and cemeteries are setting a new trend in America, but whether this will catch on is another question. The latest high tech device to be designed by a company promises to effectively communicate from Gravestones. A small tablet that is embedded with radio frequency identification tags can store up to 1, 000 words and a picture and can be transmitted to anyone who has a web enabled mobile phone. The visitor of the grave can receive words left via a text message when the tag recognises the compatible technology on the visitor’s phone.

The device has been designed for anyone that is in a position where they may be planning their funeral and personal messages to leave. The device allows the deceased be able to plan out special messages to their loved ones from beyond the grave which can be communicated through the headstones once gone.

What’s more, the company that has designed the device claim this technology will be able to send messages for an impressive 3, 200 years, years after anyone will have ever known the deceased in question. The ability to do this is down to the device using internal microchips, rather than batteries, that pick up a magnetic field of a passerby’s phone which allows it enough time to power up and communicate the pre-programmed message.

To many, the thought of this device is not appealing but there has been a flood of enquiries, and whilst there is a percentage of people that will always dismiss new technologies, the reality is technology plays more of an integral role in every industry, including the funeral industry. This could yet prove to be a development that just becomes part of the everyday ‘memorial headstones’ you see around, despite it being a bit ‘out there’ now. Watch this space.

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Revision Tips

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For many millions of students across the UK the Easter holidays signals the beginning of exam season and starts with exam and revision timetables being drawn up

To help you with your revision Northampton College have listed some handy revision tips

1. Make sure your revision area has everything you need such as food and drink so you don’t have to keep getting up and stopping your revision.

2. Always think positively. Decide what you want to achieve in the first ten minutes of your revision and concentrate on achieving this goal. After ten minutes of revision you can reward yourself with a ten minute break. Stick to this rule, and gradually increase the time you spend revising and reduce the length of your breaks.

3. During your revision break it is best to leave your work area completely. During this break you should relax and give your brain a rest, when you resume your revising keep all distractions away from your work area, by having things such as the TV turned off.

4. Be prepared and organise your revision timetable alongside your exam timetable.

5. Cover several subject areas during your revision sessions beginning with the subjects you least enjoy so you don’t end up skipping them altogether.

6. Answer questions from previous exam papers.

7. The night before the exam check to make sure you have all the equipment you will need and check what will be supplied to you by the School or College

8. Check your exam timetable to make sure you don’t have two exams at the same time!

9. Do not cram in revision the night before.

10. In the exam room stay focus on what you need to do. Try taking some sugary sweets to help boost your energy during the exam.

11. Read all the instructions and every question very carefully and allocate time depending on the mark given to each question. For example if one question carries 20 marks and another has 10 marks, you should allocate twice as long to the 20 mark question than the 10 mark question.

12. If you are running out of time do not panic, you can still be given points by writing notes on how you would have answered the question.

13. Once the exam is over, do not worry, there is nothing more you can do. Now is the time to look towards the next exam and remember - keep positive!

To everyone revising for A levels in Northampton and everywhere else in the country, all the very best of luck!

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