Why you need to be thinking about pre planning your funeral

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Let’s face it; no one likes to think about dying, we are all going to live forever right? You know the answer to that one! Just like other things in life such as dreaded taxes, it is an unavoidable eventuality and although you may not want to consider the reality, maybe you should. It may seem a bit bleak choosing between burial and cremation, Gravestones and Headstones, Flowers or Donations, but wouldn’t it be easier for you to decide on the way you want your funeral than leave it to others?

There are several reasons why pre planning your funeral is a good idea. For starters, it will greatly reduce the stress on your family and friends. Your death will be a highly emotional time as it is, let alone when they then have to make hard decisions regarding what you may have wanted or not wanted. This leads me on to another reason you should pre plan your funeral. In doing so, you will make your wishes clearly known and these will be easily followed rather than guessed, giving you the funeral you wanted and everything that goes with that such as the type of Headstones you would like. Pre paying could also save you significant amount of money and it will guarantee that your family do not have to pay more for the funeral than you have allowed, thus relieving the financial burden on loved ones. The other element is that it will show your family that you cared enough not to leave them with extra worries both emotionally and financially when it comes to your death.

Before you ask whether it is too early to pre plan your funeral. The answer is No. It is never too early and in many ways, pre paying for your funeral, as mentioned above, can often end up being a very smart financial decision, eroding the power of inflation.

Posted on February 15th 2010 in Death and Dying

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