Celebs call on Psychics

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As the fashion industry mourns the loss of one of the biggest and most influential designers of modern fashion, Alexander McQueen, news comes that he, like many other celebs, have called on Psychic for help and guidance over the years.

McQueen, who sadly committed suicide on 11th February 2010, had lost his Mother just nine days prior to his death, an event which is considered to be a leading factor in his decision to take his own life. Along with this, his confidante had committed suicide some three years before and it was at this point that he called on the services of a Psychic to help him deal with his personal problems and mourning. McQueen is said to have been very troubled that she had taken her own life and was seeking consolation and answers, which the Psychic managed to help with at that point in his life.

It’s not just Alexander McQueen that has sought advice and guidance from Psychics. Katie Price aka Jordon, has admitted that she consulted with a Psychic, receiving Psychic Readings to find out insights into her future. Other famous celebrities that have enrolled the help of Psychics are Uma Thurman, Robert DeNiro, and George Michael to name but a few.

People seek the help and guidance of Psychics for all sorts of reasons; they will come from all walks of life with unique experiences, feelings of grief, loss, despair, anxiety and a need for help. Psychics can offer genuine and insightful readings for people to try and overcome all sorts of anguish they may be feeling.

Posted on February 22nd 2010 in Spirituality

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