A Guide to Watersports in Cornwall

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Cornwall is fast getting a reputation as the watersports capital of the UK and with lakes, coves, rugged cliffs, and over 300 beaches it’s easy to see why. Next time you are staying in a Holiday Cottage in Cornwall why not take a break from the traditional Cornish holiday pursuits and give some watersports ago.

Kayaking is a popular watersport in Cornwall as it is a great way to explore the beautiful Cornish coastline and discover some hidden away beaches.

Canoeing is very similar to kayaking, in fact many people don’t know the difference between the two yet it’s very easy to tell the two apart once you know how to check. In a canoe you will either sit or kneel and use a paddle with a single blade at one end. In a kayak you will sit and use a paddle with a blade at wither end. Canoes are more suited to calm waters such as rivers and lakes making them ideal to explore Cornwall’s river valleys and waterways.

If you are an avid One Show viewer or were simply inspired by Christine Blakely’s recent waterski challenge then you might want to try it out for yourself. Thankful though you won’t have quite such a tough time of it has Christine as you will get to waterski along Cornwall’s beautiful coast rather than straight across the world busiest shipping lane.

There are so many other great watersports to choose from with windsurfing, waveskiing and of course surfing to name just a few. It doesn’t matter either if you are a watersports veteran or a complete novice as there a number of centres located right around Cornwall who can teach you all the basics as well as lend you equipment. so the next time your in Cornwall why not try something a bit different and give watersports ago.

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