Messages from the Grave

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Technology moves at such a speed that it is hard to keep up. No industry or avenue is overlooked, even peaceful graveyards and cemeteries are setting a new trend in America, but whether this will catch on is another question. The latest high tech device to be designed by a company promises to effectively communicate from Gravestones. A small tablet that is embedded with radio frequency identification tags can store up to 1, 000 words and a picture and can be transmitted to anyone who has a web enabled mobile phone. The visitor of the grave can receive words left via a text message when the tag recognises the compatible technology on the visitor’s phone.

The device has been designed for anyone that is in a position where they may be planning their funeral and personal messages to leave. The device allows the deceased be able to plan out special messages to their loved ones from beyond the grave which can be communicated through the headstones once gone.

What’s more, the company that has designed the device claim this technology will be able to send messages for an impressive 3, 200 years, years after anyone will have ever known the deceased in question. The ability to do this is down to the device using internal microchips, rather than batteries, that pick up a magnetic field of a passerby’s phone which allows it enough time to power up and communicate the pre-programmed message.

To many, the thought of this device is not appealing but there has been a flood of enquiries, and whilst there is a percentage of people that will always dismiss new technologies, the reality is technology plays more of an integral role in every industry, including the funeral industry. This could yet prove to be a development that just becomes part of the everyday ‘memorial headstones’ you see around, despite it being a bit ‘out there’ now. Watch this space.

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