The rise of the male nanny

The rise of the male nanny

Female nannies have dominated the industry and it is almost tradition to employ a female for the role. However, now the male nanny, also known as ‘Manny’, is becoming a popular alternative for many, with celebrities such as Britney Spears and Gwyneth Paltrow enlisting the help of male individuals to take care of their children whilst away.

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What questions to ask when interviewing for a nanny

What questions to ask when employing a nanny

The decision to employ a nanny for your childcare needs can be daunting yet very rewarding, as not only do you get to learn a lot about your potential employee, but also your understanding of the role(s) that you wish them to take on. Whilst many choose to use a nanny agency for their search, others decide to go through the process alone. That is why we have created a few questions you should be asking your interviewee when employing a nanny.

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Windsor Castle house staff move away from tradition

eiderdown sheets

As private household staff would know, providing comfort and normality in a luxury and a highly regarded house is of paramount priority.

But a recent article from The Telegraph has outlined changes which the household staff of Windsor Castle, often used by the Queen to host State Visits, wish to implement in the near future.

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New Year, new career: Things to consider when applying for private household work


The New Year presents an opportunity to branch out into unchartered territory or simply advance your skillset in the field of private housekeeping. Whether a seasoned household staff member or beginning your career in domestic service, getting that all-important first impression right is crucial when approaching a new position. Follow our simple guide to applying for jobs in 2016.

Finding household vacancies

There are several methods for finding employment as a domestic professional. Responding to classifieds is a tried and tested method, but in today’s job market the need to ensure potential employers receive your interest in a timely manner has moved the application process online. With specialist household recruitment services offering full domestic position details through their website, this approach is a must for applicants. If your previous job was secured this way, then chances are that the agency will be more than happy to recommend you for future vacancies. Whether you’re a qualified Estate Manager, Chef or Nanny, the network effect is hugely influential in this area of employment.

Applying for domestic positions

No matter how qualified a candidate is, if they don’t apply themselves to their application then chances are another candidate who has followed every formality will get noticed in the early stages ahead of them. To avoid being eliminated in the first round, make sure that you tick every box as instructed, then move on to explain how your skillset matches every requirement in the job description. Once your application and resume are complete, ensure that any conceivable documents or background information are easy to pass on, should it be required by the agency. Household employers often need to fill a position at short notice and simply don’t have the time to wait for delayed paperwork, which could result in a less qualified applicant being hired in the meantime.

As a general rule the following resources are essential in almost every private domestic application process:

  • Current (up-to-date) CV
  • Identification documents and sometimes a recent photograph
  • Recommendations and a reference list (see below)
  • Record of your previous addresses
  • Brief explanation of your background – this is especially important for agencies in the screening process and candidates must be honest, offering details on any driving, credit history, civil litigation incidences and criminal behaviour that could affect their ability to carry out the duties expected.

Receiving Recommendations

Finally, potential employers will want to see third-party validation of your experience and performance in similar positions. It should be standard to obtain a letter of recommendation whenever you leave a household and having a few recommendations from different previous employees can greatly support your application in the present. Likewise, your reference list should include contact details for past employers should the agency wish to contact them for verification. It is essential to first check that the contacts listed are happy to act as a referee on your behalf and provide details when asked.

Remember there are several candidates applying for any one domestic job and in an area so focused on correct and proper attention to detail, the best way to stand out from a pile of applications is to first ensure that yours follows these guidelines to the letter. After that, you can embellish your application with the unique attributes, skills and experience you can bring to the position to benefit future households.

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The benefits of moving to London to further your career

Lights in London

Relocating for a job can be a daunting prospect, but the positives often far outweigh the negatives, making it all worthwhile in the long run. For those with skills in a household profession, many opportunities offer live-in accommodation, and these can be found easily with a domestic staff agency in London.

Here are just some of the numerous reasons why moving to London will be a great experience for you.

Job availability

Just like the choice of culture and entertainment in London, the options for careers are so much more varied, and will more likely be able to cater for those with specific niches. London also boasts a lot of wealth, so those in household staffing occupations are likely to find employers who can offer great benefits, as well as live-in accommodation on wonderful estates. Whether you’re a nanny, housekeeper, or gardener, you’re sure to find a job role which will be a fantastic career move.

Everything you could need on your doorstep

As the capital city of England, it’s no surprise that London has so much to offer, with all you could ever need in one place. Whether you enjoy spending your free time in exquisite bars and restaurants, want to spend your hard-earned wages in the sheer variety of shops, or wish to visit all the fantastic heritage that the city is home to, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice.

Transport links

Being based in London makes it incredibly easy for travel, whether this is by rail or flying. You will be located near to a range of major train stations and airports, so should you want to visit family or friends, this should be relatively simple. You’ll also have more choice of flights, routes and destinations, should you wish to take a holiday.

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Parents must register nanny or face fine

New government penPensionsion rules will mean that all employers need to register nannies, gardeners and carers in order to avoid fines.

By 2018, it will be a requirement that employees are registered by their employers, regardless of whether they are entitled to a workplace pension. This includes parents who hire a nanny, and elderly people who pay for a carer, even if they earn under the £10,000-a-year salary needed to qualify for a workplace pension.

Until recently, it was assumed that those who are paid less, for part-time work for instance, would be excluded. However, any employers who fail to register will now be considered to have unfulfilled their duties, and will risk being penalised by the regulators, first with an official warning. Following this, fines of £400 could be issued to smaller employers, with additional charges of £50 for each day their employees are not registered.

Employers urged to act on new rules

In order to create awareness, the government has created an advertising campaign, which is expected to air for the first time on Wednesday during the Coronation Street commercial break. There will also be giant billboards in London’s Piccadilly Circus, and adverts on buses, which hope to draw attention to the new laws.

The campaign focuses on a monster named ‘workie’, who gets ignored by employers, which pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann personally helped design. The message is hoped to encourage small employers to learn about the changes, and will provide information about the ways employees can be registered.

Baroness Altmann told the Telegraph: “There are a lot of people who will need to register that they are employers but then also register to say they don’t have anyone to auto-enrol.”

A new website is set to be launched by the Department for Work and Pensions on Wednesday, which will make the registration process easier for smaller employers with members of private household staff.

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How to polish your shoes and have them shining

Shiny shoes

If you’re working as a member of private household staff, it’s very likely that you will be asked to fulfil a host of tasks during your role – one of which being polishing shoes. It may seem fairly straightforward, however getting it right is well and truly an enviable skill. As a helping hand, here’s our guide on how to get a pair of shoes shining each and every time.

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Three Top Tips to perfectly iron a shirt


As a member of staff in a private household, one of the most important jobs you’re likely to conduct on a day-to-day basis is ironing. It’s a skill you will want to master fairly quickly to ensure that all your employer’s clothes are to the standard they will expect. To help you get it right every time, here’s our top three tips for ironing a shirt perfectly.

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Silver cleaning products you’ve probably never considered

Silver PlatterWhile silver items are some of the most beautiful valuables found in anyone’s home, the reality is that they have to be cleaned regularly in order for them to look their best. Unfortunately silver is one of the hardest materials to clean; if you use the wrong method,it could result in lasting and irreversible damage. With this in mind, here are some safe and effective methods of cleaning silver that you might not be aware off.

Baking soda, salt and vinegar

Although some cleaning products used by private household staff can cost a small fortune, there are plenty of effective recipes that you can make at home which cost next to nothing. Perhaps the easiest example of all uses boiling water, 1 tbsp baking soda, 1 tbsp white salt, ½ cup of white vinegar and a sheet of tin foil.

Firstly boil the water, and while you wait line the bottom of the bowl with the tin foil, placing it with the shiny side up. Now add the salt and baking soda and pour in the vinegar, mixing everything together until the salt and baking soda have dissolved. Now add the boiling water and drop your pieces of silver in one by one and let them sit for a while. After a few minutes, take them out and buff gently with a polishing cloth. If you have larger ornaments, why not increase the mixture and use a bucket instead of a bowl?


Among the most peculiar cleaning methods for silver, toothpaste is effective for buffing ornaments and jewellery to their brilliant best. You won’t need a toothbrush for this; all you have to do is squeeze a dab of toothpaste onto the item that needs a good clean and start massaging the toothpaste in using a cotton cloth or paper towel. Use the toothpaste sparingly until the desired area is shiny and rinse off before patting dry – you will be amazed at the results!

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Saving money versus saving time

Stress, fatigue, frustration. These can all be symptoms of something very common in our busy, “too little time” worlds.nanny reading to children

Are you doing too much of the wrong thing?

The time value in money may be financial calculation that involves the benefits of savings, investment and accrued interest, but in real-life scenarios, the value of money and time asks a different question. Can you make more money with the time saved by hiring someone else to do the job?

Some argue you can simplify your life by paying someone else to do it for you. If a task will take you three hours to complete, how much money could you have earned in those same three hours? If you can earn more than you’d have to pay, then it is time to call someone.

House Cleaning Services

Working all day only to come home to an untidy house is never fun. Neither are those weekends dedicated to the deep clean. An investment in cleaners or even household staff could prevent this headache.

Think about all the times you pick things up or see a sink full of dishes. What about the loft or stream clean treatments in the bathroom? Hiring cleaners may be a way to save a host of hours. Embrace the feeling of walking into a clean home – each and every day.

Nanny Services

For many families, the choice to hire a nanny ticks a number of boxes. It is developmentally important for the child to be in familiar surroundings, and there is the advantages of one-on-one care, as well as other positives. When looking at your day, how often do you rush from work to get to the nursery before it closes? Is your work schedule dependent on the nursery’s opening and shut hours?

In measuring your time and money value, you can determine whether a nanny is the right solution. You can decide whether the freedom and flexibility makes sense for your family. And the right experienced nanny agency in London can help meet your needs and expectations in finding the right person.

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