Study and Employment Two Big Subjects

College Student Graduates

In these troubled economic time’s students and more dilemmas’ to face, than just selecting a course of study they would like to do to gain there preferred or desired qualifications. With many people suggesting students should first look at and analyse the area or sector they are planning to work within before selecting a course.

Employment sustainability is a buzz word being banded around currently in these economic unsure times, many employment and business specialists are urging students to look at sectors of the business world that offer better long term stability or a good start on the employment ladder as a good foundation for future employment prospects.

As the 2011 national UK unemployment figures show that more than one in five young people out of work, the government is now trying to instigate initiatives for businesses and employers to offer more apprenticeships and graduate schemes to students when finishing their education to help them into work.

For financial reasons many students are extending their study time at college by taking a part-time course option, which will allow them to work, earn an income, reduce their study debt burden, whilst gaining valuable employment experience along the way through work / study option. Many employers like this as it shows commitment and a hard working ethic from a young person who is not just an academic seeking employment.

If you are looking for Northampton education to improve your skills, or you would like a Further Education in Northampton to advance your education for future entry into university, then make sure you research the area of business you intend to seek future employment in before you take the first step in you career future.

Focus on Digital Skills IT Subjects for Students

Learn “Digital Skills” leading to a better career future

With unemployment currently at a high in the UK for the under 25’s and school leavers, getting on the right courses and having the right education is vital for the future. Many in education, employment arena as well as the political sector feel that the way forward is to focus more emphasis on I.T (Information Technology) training and digital skills in the main.

As many feel that the I.T jobs relating to the internet and general IT skills as growth area for students and school leavers alike. With more company’s increasing the way they do business in the UK now via the Internet, there has never been such a good time to gain the much needed skills and training in the I.T and Digital vocational areas.

According to the “CBI” (UK’s top business lobbying organisation) known to many as the voice for UK business, as they feel it will only become more & more important as the UK moves much closer to the high-skilled jobs market, and the CBI feel that opportunities for those without the right qualifications will fall sharply. As I.T and Digital skills in particular now vital for education and employment: we know that you’re 25% more likely to get work when you have web skills, and, once in that job, you’ll earn 10% more.

Even the biggest public sector union Unison, which has conducted a national skills survey from over 1.25 million of its members, found that almost half of middle-aged, low-paid women (in non-office jobs or jobs with minimal IT requirements) highlighted that lack of digital knowhow, skills and training was their most serious skills gap. Other surprising figures shows that nearly 4 million of around the 8.6 million adults in the UK have never used the internet are from our hardest-to-reach groups or more deprived areas on low income base.

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