How a butler can benefit your home

Do you live in a household that could benefit from hiring a butler from a domestic staff agency? It may not have been something that has crossed your mind before, but having an employee to help run your home can be very beneficial.

Supervising domestic staff

If you already have employees working in your home, such as chefs, housekeepers and cooks, a butler can be left in charge to manage them. This will ensure the smooth running of your household, while giving your employees someone to report to, should anything need addressing.

General housekeeping practices

The majority of butlers will possess general housekeeping skills, which may include the care of antiques, looking after houseplants and flowers, and table setting. These will all come in handy and will help ease the pressure on the housekeepers, should they find themselves particularly busy.

Stock control and inventories

A butler can be in charge of purchasing the necessary items needed for running your household, ensuring that there is the appropriate food and products in the home. This may also include keeping an eye on finances and ensuring that unnecessary purchases are avoided.

Arrange dinner parties

If as part of your occupation you are required to host functions, or if you regularly entertain friends, having a butler will ensure that they are catered for to the highest standard. They can be greeted upon arrival and asked if they require any assistance, as well as being shown to their lift home at the end of an evening.

Organise trips

A butler will also be able to book flights, hotels and theatre tickets if necessary, meaning that you can forget about the small details. This may be particularly helpful for those who work away from home or have busy careers that leave little time for this type of task.

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