Five things to consider when hiring a nanny

Employing a nanny to care for children is an incredibly important decision, and one that should not be made with haste. However, with help from a nanny recruitment agency in London and these top tips, finding a suitable nanny should be much simpler. Here are five questions that should be asked in order to obtain whether a nanny is right for the job.

Do they seem reliable?

Punctuality is key and is a great way to tell if a potential employee is reliable or not. If an interviewee shows up with time to spare, this should indicate that they are more likely to be on time in their new career. Also, if they bring along all documents that are required, such as a resume and references, this shows that they will be well prepared for the potential role they are applying for too.

Do they dress well?

Although this is another one of the basic fundamentals when attending an interview for any job, it is often a great way to tell a little more about a candidate. You should never judge a book by its cover, but first impressions do count and someone who is well presented and demonstrates that they look after themselves shows willing that they will do the same for the children in their care.

Did they take an interest in the children?

It is advised that children are only introduced to potential candidates after an initial interview, but chatting about the children will give a brief insight into how the nanny will interact once they meet. Good signs of a nanny who is interested include asking about the children’s personalities and showing curiosity about their likes and dislikes.

Do they satisfy your gut instinct?

When combined with the correct answers to the questions above, gut instinct is often a good indicator of whether the candidate is right for the role. It is imperative that the nanny also shares a healthy relationship with the parents, so ideally there will be an instant connection and feeling of trust when interviewing the potential nanny.

Can you afford the salary the nanny requires?

The salary may have been stated prior to the interview, but it is best to check with the potential employee that they are happy with the amount specified. Other factors including petrol costs and meals should also be discussed, to ensure that there is no confusion at a later date. Bear in mind that the employer of a nanny is also responsible for their tax, unless they are working for more than one family at a time.

In order to help with the hiring of a nanny, a household staffing agency will be able to check references and qualifications, do a background check and schedule a test run with children.

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