How to write a Eulogy

When a loved one dies there is a lot to deal with, not only emotionally but logistically too. From sourcing the right Gravestones to picking the right flowers, a lot needs to be organized in often a very short period of time. Along with the logistics, thought and time is needed to prepare the funeral ceremony and many people choose to do a eulogy, which needs to be a well constructed, thoughtful speech of the loved one, mainly consisting of his/her life history and details of their friends, family, work, interests etc.

The most touching eulogies are written from the heart and will paint a good picture of the deceased loved one, who they were, what they did and what they enjoyed about life. It is a good idea to talk to family members and close friends and gather information and stories that they have held dear over the years to include. The most important things to include in the eulogy is their age, family and other close relations, education, work, career, hobbies and special interests, places the person lived and special accomplishments.

When you have gathered all the information and know the stories you are going to talk about then its time to start writing. Make sure you write it as you will speak it, don’t get too bogged down with formalities, remember this is a celebration of someone’s life and needs to come from the heart. When you have written it, go over it, refine it, and edit it until you are happy. The next step is to rehearse it, only then will you know whether you are truly happy with the flow and structure of it. Finalise the copy and then keep rehearsing until you are comfortable with how you deliver it. You don’t need to learn it from memory but having a strong idea of the structure and order will help you when you get up and speak. Remember that nerves and emotion will play a large part so you need to be confident in knowing your eulogy. The eulogy can often help people when choosing the Epitaph on Memorial Headstones too.